Ohio State at the Linguistic Summer Institute

Ohio State will be substantially represented at the prestigious biennial 2015 Linguistic Summer Institute, a premier gathering of linguists from around the world to be held at the University of Chicago. Many of our faculty and alumni are among those invited and selected to offer courses at the institute. The theme will be 'Linguistic Theory in a World of Big Data.’ Teaching at the Institute is a mark of distinction in the field, and a recognition of the instructors' expertise as truly world-class. Course contributions from our faculty and alumni will include:

Victor Friedman (University of Chicago) and Brian Joseph
Topics in Balkan Linguistics

Sun-Ah Jun (UCLA, PhD ‘93)
Intonational Phonology and Prosodic Typology

Yusuke Kubota (University of Tsukuba, PhD ‘10) and Bob Levine
Empirical Applications of Type-Logical Categorical Grammar

Craige Roberts
Introduction to Pragmatics

Elizabeth Allyn Smith (University of Quebec, Montreal, PhD ‘10)
The Relationship between Social Meaning and Formal Semantics/Pragmatics

Judith Tonhauser
Semantic Fieldwork

Donald Winford
Theoretical Approaches to Contact-induced Change

This is an exciting collection of courses, and we’re proud to see Ohio State represented so well at this high-profile scholarly event.