Welcome: 2015 Graduate Students

2015 Graduate Students

L to R: Carly Dickerson, Nandi Sims, Elena Vaikšnoraitė, Willy Cheung, Daniel Puthawala, Jessi Jones, Clint Awai

Clinton Awai is working on an MA in Linguistics at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and he currently works in the Language Experiment and Analysis Phonetics Lab at UH. He is interested in historical linguistics, particularly as it regards linguistic classification, typology, morphological change, and semantic change. (Brian, Don)

Willy Cheung holds an MS in Neural and Behavioral Sciences from the International Max Planck Research school at the University of Tübingen. His master’s thesis at Tübingen was on content assessment in short answer questions. He would like to work on developing computational linguistic models for semantics and pragmatics. (Marie, Mike)

Carly Dickerson is completing an MA in Linguistics at York University in Toronto.  She is interested in sociolinguistics and phonology, and her master’s thesis examines gender expression and linguistic variation among speakers of Albanian. She has recently returned from a summer of fieldwork in Albania. (Brian)

Jessica Jordan completed her BA in Anthropology and Classical Languages at the College of Wooster, where she studied humor in Athenian theater and Kenyan multilingualism. She plans to study multilingualism, language contact, creolization and language shift.  (Don)

Daniel Puthawala is finishing an MA in Humanities at the University of Chicago, where his thesis work is on the modeling of attributives in Japanese.  He is interested in computational and mathematical approaches to syntax. (Bob, Carl)

Nandi Sims holds an MA in Linguistics from Florida International University. She has done extensive fieldwork on the language of Spanish-English bilinguals in Miami. She is interested in continuing to study English in South Florida, with particular focus on the diachrony of the African American English of the region.(Kathryn, Don)

Elena Vaikšnoraitė did her MA in Linguistics at Leiden University with a focus on syntactic variation, particularly as regards complementizer-trace effects and the syntax of control. She would like to study comparative syntax with a particular focus on Balto-Slavic and Germanic languages (Peter, Brian).