Linguistics at the Denman

Seven linguistics majors and minors participated in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum this year. Congratulations to them, and thanks to the faculty and graduate students who participated as judges!


Ethan Hill at the Denman

Ethan Hill (Advisors-Mike White; Eric Fosier-Lussier) 
Generating disambiguating paraphrases for use in crowdsourced judgements of meaning


Christine Prechtel explainin her research at the Denman

Christine Prechtel (Advisor-Cynthia Clopper) 
Effects of gender and regional dialect on uptalk in the American Midwest


Shannon Melvin at the Denman

Shannon Melvin (Advisor-Cynthia Clopper) 
Gender variation in creaky voice and fundamental frequency


Erin Luthern at the Denman

Erin Luthern (Advisor-Cynthia Clopper) 
Variation in glottalization at prosodic boundaries in clear and plain lab speech


Christopher Rourke at the Denman

Christopher Rourke (Advisor-Mary Beckman) 
Individual differences in Japanese stop and fricative length: The relationship between production and perception



Lauren Boyce at the Denman

Lauren Boyce (Advisors-Rachael Holt; Susan Nittrouer; Aaron Moberly)
Optimizing frequency channels in cochlear implants


Riley DeBacker at the Denman

Riley DeBacker (Advisors-Ryan Harrison; Eric Bielefeld)
Long term effects of the synergistic interaction of cisplatin and noise