In Recognition

Mike Phelan received the Graduate Associate Teaching Award.  Dean Osmer visited the department to bestow the following components of the prize: a keychain, a lapel pin, a mug, an apple and a certificate.  Forthcoming aspects of the award include a plaque and $1,500.  Of 3,000 GTAs teaching at Ohio State each year, ten are awarded this prize. 

Faculty members Craige Roberts and Judith Tonhauser, with their colleagues David Beaver (UT Austin) and Mandy Simons (CMU) have won a three-year, $530,000 award from NSF for their project, "What's the Question: A cross-linguistic investigation into compositional and pragmatic constraints on the question under discussion."  Faculty member Marie-Catherine de Marneffe will serve as a consultant on the project.

Faculty member Judith Tonhauser and alum John Nerbonne (PhD, 84) authored two of the nineteen papers (other than the editors' introduction) in the inaugural issue of the new Annual Reviews in Linguistics.

Faculty member Cynthia Clopper had the honor of serving as a delegate to the investiture committee at the ceremony for Ohio State’s new President, Dr. Michael Drake. She was the designated representative of Indiana University, an alum serving in place of their President McRobbie. She delivered a congratulatory letter and scroll to President Drake.

Graduate student Jane Mitsch was awarded a 2014-2015 Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Small Grant of $500 to assist with expenses to present her research at the Annual Conference on African Linguistics at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR in March.

Faculty member Marie-Catherine de Marneffe was awarded a CISE Research Initiation Initiative (CRII) grant from the National Science Foundation.  The CRII provides funds to help junior tenure-track faculty launch their research careers.  Marie-Catherine will receive $143,374 over two years for her project, "What do you mean? - Automatic identification of inferences drawn from text."

Graduate student David Mitchell has accepted a position in the Department of English at Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado.  He will assume the position of Instructor until the completion of his dissertation, at which time he will begin a tenure track assistant professor position. 

Faculty member Peter Culicover was awarded an Arts and Humanities Small Grant for International Travel for $2,300.  The award will defray costs associated with participating in the workshop "Reappraising the Role of Linear Structure in Language" at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, Netherlands, September 14 - 18, 2015.

Graduate student Murat Yasavul was awarded a $2,000 Alumni Grant for Graduate Research and Scholarship. The grant will defray costs for his travel to conduct linguistic fieldwork in Guatemala, where he will collect data for his dissertation, "Questions and answers in K'iche'."

Graduate student Lara Downing was awarded a 2014-2015 Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Small Grant in the amount of $500 for travel to present her work at the American Dialect Society Annual Meeting in Portland, OR in January.

Congratulations to Cynthia Johnson, who successfully defended her Presidential fellowship-funded dissertation research, "Deconstructing and Reconstructing Semantic Agreement: A Case Study of Multiple Antecedent Agreement in Indo-European" (advisor Brian Joseph).

Congratulations to Erin Luthern, Shannon Melvin, Christine Prechtel and Christopher Rourke, who all received Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarships for spring 2015.  Additional kudos to Christopher, who also won an International Research Grant.

Graduate student Jane Mitsch was awarded a Presidential Fellowship to support the completion of her dissertation work, titled: Linguistic and Political Borders in Senegal and the Gambia (advisor Brian Joseph).  The fellowship is the most competitive and prestigious scholarly recognition awarded by the Graduate School, and provides stipend, tuition and fees for up to three consecutive semesters, as well as a travel allowance. 

Graduate student Marten van Schijndel received a Saarland University Collaborative Research Center Fellowship to go to Saarbrücken this summer and work with Vera Demberg and Matt Crocker on using EEG and eye tracking to study the effects of aging and information density on language processing.

Staff member Julia Papke was awarded an Arts and Sciences Staff Professional Development Grant by the college and the ASC Staff Advisory Council.  The grant will cover the cost of access to an online repository of technical and design courses that will be useful for her work in the department.

Congratulations to our spring PhD graduates: Rory Turnbull, Kodi Weatherholtz, and Pat Reidy.