News and Events

In December, the department gathered at Shari’s home for a holiday party

Children making candy at the holiday party


In February, faculty member Bob Levine hosted the annual graduate recruitment party.

Students chatting at the recruitment party


At the end of February, a new sound booth was built in the stadium. The booth is 10’x10’ and will follow us back to our permanent home in Oxley.

The booth being assembled


In April, chair Shari Speer hosted a retirement party for Mary Beckman.

Retirement party for Mary Beckman


In April, the department gathered for the end-of-year reception.

The reception was held in the computer lab


In July, we had three sessions of SLIYS, our high-school summer camp for linguistics.

Students work on projects together at SLIYS


In September we welcomed students and faculty back to the department for Autumn term.

Another party in the computer lab


In November, we hosted sixth-grade students for the Breakfast of Science Champions.

Sixth-graders excited about linguistics!