News and Events

L-R: Gina Ndoci, Clint Awai, Jordan Needle, Carly Dickerson, Keeta Jones

In August, we held a welcome back party for the department- it was our last big event in the Stadium!


welcome picnic

In September, undergraduates, graduate students and faculty got to know each other at the annual Welcome picnic at Whetsone Park.


Oxley party

In November, we invited students, faculty, and the deans and architects who worked on the renovation project to an informal welcome party for the new space. Lecturer Jefferson Barlew smoked us some barbecue for the occasion!


Prospectives party

In February, we gathered for the graduate recruitment party, held this year at Marie-Catherine de Marneffe's home.


End-of-the year party

In April, we held an end-of-the-year reception where we honored the many students and faculty who had great years this year!