News and Events

Faculty panel at SLIYS

In July, faculty Andrea Sims, Björn Köhnlein, Kathryn Campbell-Kibler and Micha Elsner met with highschool students from our SLIYS summer camp to talk about what linguistics professors do, and how they got interested in linguistics.


Welcome picnic

Welcome picnic

In September, faculty, grad students and undergrads gathered at Whetstone park for a picnic to celebrate the start of the new academic year. 


Cory Shain and Peter Culicover

In October, the department celebrated Peter Culicover's career following his formal retirement last spring with a party at Vice-Provost (and Professor of Linguistics) Beth Hume's home.


Breakfast of Science Champions

In November, the department participated in the Breakfast of Science Champions, where local-area sixth-graders visit science programs to learn more about what they do. 


Grad recruitment party

In February, the department held its annual graduate recruitment party at faculty member Mike White's home.


Career event

In April, the department invited alumni and faculty for a career event for linguistics undergraduates.