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Mary Beckman
Professor Emeritus
  • Phonological Acquisition
  • Historical Phonology
  • East Asian Languages

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Catherine Callaghan
Professor Emerita

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Peter Culicover
Distinguished University Professor...
(614) 292-9807

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David Dowty
Professor Emeritus

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Mike Geis
Professor Emeritus

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Dave Odden
Professor Emeritus

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Carl Pollard
Professor Emeritus
(614) 292-3802
  • Semantics and Syntax
  • Philosophy and Logic of Language
  • Computer Science in Linguistic...

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Craige Roberts
Professor Emeritus
(614) 292-8302

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James Unger
Professor Emeritus, Dept. of East...
(614) 688-5621
  • Japanese Linguistics
  • East Asian Language Development...

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Arnold Zwicky
Distinguished University Professor...
  • Syntactic theory: Construction-...
  • Syntactic variation
  • The advice literature on grammar,...