Anouschka Foltz on Climate Change and Linguistics

January 21, 2016
Photo of Anouschka Foltz.

Anouschka Foltz in her blog describes how climate change is affecting linguistics, especially language death.  As climate change affects areas with high levels of linguistic diversity, there is an increased danger for many vulnerable languages.

Cynthia Johnson awarded Presidential Fellowship

November 20, 2013
Cindy Johnson

Congratulations to Cynthia Johnson, who has been awarded a Presidential Fellowship from the Graduate School to conduct her dissertation research, "A historical and comparative account of semantic and syntactic agreement in Indo-European." The fellowship provides twelve months of stipen

Bridget Smith awarded Presidential Fellowship

November 17, 2011
Bridget Smith standing next to a cow statue

Bridget Smith has has been awarded one of the University's highly competitive Presidential Fellowships!

She plans to begin her fellowship in Summer term and graduate in Spring 2013. Her dissertation topic is recreating sound change under laboratory conditions.