Basics of Language for Language Learners


SLIYS logo"SLIYS was an amazing opportunity and I feel very fortunate to have been able to take part. Even out of class, we talked about languages and linguistics nearly all the time. Whatever we started talking about, the conversation always ended up being about language!"
- SLIYS '17 Participant

group walking


You can find and download the SLIYS 2019 program flyer PDF icon here.

This summer's program focuses on giving participants the tools they need to become better foreign language students. Focus areas will include the sounds of languages, the meaning and structure of words, writing systems, and ways that cultural differences are expressed in language. 

This year:

  • Become familiar with how languages are similar and different in terms of their basic elements including sounds, words, and sentence structure. 
  • Learn how to avoid typical mistakes that language learners make. 
  • Learn interesting facts about languages, such as the ways culture and language interact to produce such phenomena as politeness and greetings.
  • Get helpful strategies for learning a language, including memory tips, brain training, and using a bilingual dictionary.