SLIYS tuition

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“An amazing experience that accomplished the great feat of covering most of the core parts of linguistics while only doing so in one week." 

- SLIYS '18 Participant

Program Tuition

Commuter tuition is $550 for each week. This includes instruction fees for materials, facilities, and a SLIYS t-shirt.

Residential tuition is $950 for each week. In addition to instruction fees (above), this includes transportation to and from scheduled events, housing and all meals for the week.

Weekend program (between SLIYS I and SLIYS II) cost is $400 for two nights Friday-Sunday evening. Scholars will be supervised during the two days between sessions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Payments:  Given the potential outbreak of the Coronavirus, please do not send in payments at this time as we are unable to accept payments while the university has moved to an online work environment.


Financial Aid

Need-based financial aid is available. A student's inability to pay SLIYS tuition should not prohibit him/her from attending the program. If you need assistance please contact Dr. Julia McGory.