Student Ambassadors

Linguistics Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who represent the department. They are here to welcome prospective and new students and answer any questions you may have about life as a Linguistics student at OSU, as well as encourage student involvement in the department. 

2021-2022 Student Ambassadors

Rebekah Stanhope

Rebekah Stanhope |

Hi everyone! I'm a third year Linguistics major from Northeast Ohio. I'm a research assistant in the Language Sciences Research Lab led by Dr. Laura Wagner and Dr. Nikole Patson, and the Phonology Lab led by Dr. Björn Köhnlein. You'll also find me working at the front desk in Oxley Hall.

When I'm not working or studying, I enjoy painting, longboarding, and attempting to play baritone ukulele.

If you're a prospective student, new to campus, or are just newly curious about all things linguistics, OSU, or life in Columbus, feel free to reach out!




Xander Hall

Xander Hall |

Hi guys! My name is Xander (they/them). I’m a third year undergraduate from Nashville, TN. I’m majoring in Linguistics and Romance Studies and minoring in Arabic and LGBTQ+ Studies. I’m the current treasurer of the Underlings. I also work to recruit high school students to come and study linguistics at OSU. My favourite subfield of linguistics is historical linguistics, and to a lesser degree, dialectology. I can talk all day about the evolution of the Romance and Germanic languages, as well as the prestige associated with certain languages and dialects and how society affects one’s speech.

If you have questions about the university, class planning, linguistics and our department, or just general questions about how to acclimate to a new environment if Columbus is new to you, do feel free to email me!