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Welcome to SLIYS (pronounced "SLICE"), a weeklong summer language program for high school and pre-college students organized by the Department of Linguistics at The Ohio State University.

SLIYS promotes language study (including English, Spanish, Chinese, and additional foreign languages) in all aspects by cultivating a deeper appreciation of language similarities and differences. Our aim is to provide high school students with greater linguistic awareness and understanding, with the ability to think critically about language, and with a deeper appreciation for all aspects of language and language study.

SLIYS '14 – two sessions available

  • Session 1: July 6 – 11
  • Session 2: July 13 – 18

SLIYS '14: Basics of Language for Language Learners:  Application_2014.pdf due May 31.


Contact Dr. Julie McGory,, for more information.

SLIYS logo and slogan: Dissecting language one piece at a time.

"SLIYS taught me so much and I learned a lot about languages and linguistics that I didn't already know. It gave me a broader base for my study, and it was fun!"
- SLIYS '13 Participant