Ilse Lehiste Memorial Symposium: Program

Friday, November 11

Welcome & Themes begun in the Early Decades

Welcoming Address

1:00 pm — Keith Johnson — Remembering Ilse Lehiste

South Slavic Prosody

1:30 pm — Malgorzata E. Cavar and Damir Cavar
Some Cyclicity and Opacity Effects in the Prosody of Two Different Clitic Classes in New-Štokavian Variants [pdf]

2:00 pm — Željko Jozić
Some Specialties of Croatian Dialectological Prosodic System(s) [pdf]

2:30 pm — Diana Stojanovic
Prosodic and Segmental Differences between Standard Serbian and the Speech of Young Urban Speakers [pdf]

3:00 pm — Coffee Break

Suprasegmentals (and their Relationship to Segments)

3:30 pm — Marta Ortega-Llebaria and Laura Bosch
Cross-dialect versus Cross-language Discrimination in Early Infancy: A Look at Rhythmic and Segmental Properties [pdf]

4:00 pm — Tsan Huang
Why are Vowels and Tones Perceived Less Categorically than Stop Consonants? – Categorical Perception and Speech Sound Types Revisited [pdf]

4:30 pm — Linda Shockey and Zinny Bond — Invited Talk
Suprasegmental Speech Perception

5:30 pm — Reception

Saturday, November 12

Themes from the Middle & Final Decades

9:15 am — Coffee and bagels

Rhythm and Grouping

10:00 am — Cynthia G. Clopper and Rajka Smiljanić
Regional Variation in Temporal Organization in American English [pdf]

[unable to attend] — Tetyana Sayenko
Rhythmic Patterns of Voice Register Fluctuations in the Dynamics of an Inspirational Speech [pdf]

10:30 am — Megan J. Crowhurst
The Combined Influence of Intensity and Duration on Rhythmic Grouping in Speech [pdf]

11:00 am — Janet Fletcher — Invited Talk
Rhythm re-considered

12:00 — Lunch

Intonation and Grouping

1:00 pm — Michael Phelan
The Prosody of Algebra Meets the Algebra of Prosody in Mathematically Experienced and Inexperienced Speakers [pdf]

1:30 pm — Chris Worth
Encoding Intonational Information in a Logical Grammar [pdf]

2:00 pm — Joseph Tyler
Prosody and listeners' interpretation of ambiguous discourse [pdf]

2:30 pm — Coffee Break

Prosody of Poetry and Music

3:00 pm — Steven Ikier
On the Relation of Prosody to Metrical Structure in Old Japanese [pdf]

3:30 pm — Rebecca W. McGowan and Andrea Levitt
A Comparison of Rhythm and Melody in English Dialects and Music [pdf]

4:00 pm — Jaan Ross and Pärtel Lippus — Invited Talk
Voices from POW Camps: A Comparative Study of Spoken and Sung Estonian Utterances in Sound Recordings from the Berlin Lautarchiv (1916-1918)

Closing Session — More Poetry and Music

5:00 pm — Remembering Ilse Lehiste

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