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Submit to Working Papers in Linguistics

Formatting and style for working papers submissions

A sample LaTeX file that implements the following guidelines will available be for download here. (This will be a .tar.gz file and requires certain software to use.)
A properly formatted sample article in Microsoft Word will be available for download here.

Font: use Times New Roman 12 point. Use the same font throughout the text of the paper, including section headings, references, and examples.

Spacing: Text should be single-spaced. There should be an extra space between paragraphs.

Margins: Left and right: 1.25 inches. Top and bottom: 1 inch.

Indentation: New paragraphs should be indented 1/4 inch (except for the first paragrah at the beginning of a section).

Examples: Any piece of data or sample that is not included in the body of the text and is not presented in a figure or a table should be numbered and treated as an example. Example numbers should be in parenthesis, and the data should be indented:

(4) Data set of example sentences: sample sentence sample sentence

Do not center titles for examples.

Figures and tables: Number figures and tables independently of examples and of each other. Figures should be centered above their captions. Tables should not be centered.

Place a figure caption below the figure. Place a table caption above the table. Indent, but do not center captions. Captions should be of the form:

Here is Figure 3 Centered

Figure 3. Example figure caption placed below its figure.

Table 4. Example table caption placed below its table.

Running titles: With the exception of the first page, all of the pages in your manuscript should have a running title. On even numbered pages, please put your name as it appears on the first page. On odd numbered pages, please put the title of your paper. If you have a long title, please shorten it for the header. For example, if your title is 'A comparative theoretical investigation of morphological reduplication in Leti', you could shorten the running title to 'Reduplication in Leti'. Your name and running title should be in small caps.

Footer: The first page of the document should have a special footer containing the authors' name, paper title, journal name, and page range. Example:

Ima Linguist. This is the title of a paper that I am publishing in the working papers. OSUWPL, Volume XX, Fall 2001, 247--262.

The footer on all subsequent pages should contain just the page number, centered.

Footnotes: should be numbered consecutively, appear at the bottom of the page, and should have a small horizontal line between the main text and the footnote.

Sections: If you have different sections that have titles or headings, please number the sections, and put the number and heading in bold. Use a 12 point bold font. Do not use roman numerals. Do not indent the number. Leave a space between any heading and the beginning of the text (just as between paragraphs).

References: A bibliography of all works cited in the text should appear at the end of the manuscript under the heading references. Follow the format used by Language, but italicize book and journal titles.

First page: The first page of your manuscript is different from the others. First, there is No Running Header on this page. The title of the paper should appear centered and in boldface CAPITALS four inches below the top of the page (i.e. space down 3 inches, then type).

Half an inch below the title, please type the author's name(s), using the same font style used in the text. Put the affiliation(s) for author(s) below the name(s). Please Do Not put your email address under your name; if you would like to include your e-mail, please put it at the end of the paper.

An inch below the author's name, the word 'Abstract' should appear two spaces above the abstract, in bold letters, with only the 'A' in capitals. Skip a line, and then type the abstract itself. The abstract's margins should be 1.5 inches on the left and right (i.e. a quarter-inch greater than the regular text of the paper).