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What is linguistics?

Linguistics is the scientific study of language. There are many subfields of linguistics, focusing on different aspects of language.

A B.A. in linguistics provides students with important skills that are useful in many careers, some not even related to linguistics.

Programs in linguistics

Follow these links to find out more about majoring or minoring in linguistics. Did you know that when you double major, you can count GEC courses both for your major and for GEC credit? This is an effective way of enhancing your academic record and making yourself more competitive on the job market. Doing a double major is a smart decision!

Research opportunities

Research is an exciting and important part of the Linguistics Department at OSU. Find out how you can get involved!


Did you know that there is a club for undergraduates interested in linguistics? In addition to getting together to geek out about linguistics, The Underlings has hosted a number of interesting events, including invited speakers, and panels about about grad school, research, and getting jobs.


The Department of Linguistics is located in Oxley Hall at 1712 Neil Ave.
Phone: 614-292-4052

Linguistics Major/Minor Advisor:
Liz McCullough
106 Oxley Hall

Honors Ling Major/Minor Advisor:
Andrea Sims
314 Oxley Hall