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Glossary of Terms Related to the Study of Pidgin and Creole Lanuages

by María Rosa Fernández Bell and Glenn Gilbert
Editing by Alicia Spiegel and Jeffery Parsell

Glossary Conventions

  1. The glossary is arranged alphabetically.
  2. Direct links to cross-referenced items in the glossary are now available (this does not apply to the words 'pidgin' and 'creole' because of the high frequency with which they appear).
  3. Most entries lack exemplification, but in a few cases, examples are given in parentheses, without the use of e.g..
  4. At the end of each entry which was copied verbatim from a text, there is a source reference shortened to a code letter (the author's first initial) and a page number. If two authors have the same initial, a second and/or third letter is used for one of them (i.e., Ca for Carroll and C for Crystal; M for Mühlhäusler and Muf for Mufwene). There is a hypertext link to references at the end of each of the glossary sections.