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Volume 59

Winter 2010 [pdf]

Brian D. Joseph & Gina M. Lee
Greek ts/dz as internally complex segments: Phonological and phonetic evidence.

Rachel Klippenstein
Word-initial consonant clusters in Albanian.

Selena Sampson
The Early Modern English genitive its and factors involved in genitive variation.

Helena Riha
Lettered words in Chinese: Roman letters as morpheme-syllables.

Kirk Baker and Chris Brew
Multilingual animacy classification by sparse logistic regression.

Volume 58

Autumn 2008 [pdf]
Edited by Brian D. Joseph and Julia Porter Papke 

Peter W. Culicover, Andrzej Nowak, Wojciech Borkowski & Katherine Woznicki
Adventures with CAMiLLe: Investigating the Architecture of the Language Faculty through Computational Simulation. 

David Durian
The Vocalization of /l/ in Urban Blue Collar Columbus, OH African American Vernacular English: A Quantitative Sociophonetic Analysis.

Jirka Hana
Knowledge- and Labor-Light Morphological Analysis. 

Jirka Hana & Peter W. Culicover
Morphological Complexity Outside of Universal Grammar. 

Laurie A. Maynell
Discourse Constraints on Extraposition from Definite NP Subjects in English. 

Tom Stewart
A Consumer's Guide to Contemporary Morphological Theories. 

Volume 57

Summer 2003 [pdf]
Edited by Hope C. Dawson, Robin Dodsworth, Shelome Gooden, and Donald Winford 

Wesley M. Collins 
Code-Switching Behavior as a Strategy for Maya-Mam Linguistic Revitalization. 

Hope C. Dawson 
Defining the Outcome of Language Contact: Old English and Old Norse. 

Craig Hilts 
From Taxonomy to Typology: The Features of Lexical Contact Phenomena in Atepec Zapotec-Spanish Linguistic Contact. Mark E. Nuckols An Evaluation of German-Croatian Contact. 

Terence Odlin
Looking for Roots in the Substrate: The Cases of Ebonics and Anglo-Irish. 

Donald Winford
Contact-Induced Changes - Classification and Processes. 

Volume 56

Autumn 2001 [pdf]
Edited by Michael W. Daniels , David Dowty , Anna Feldman , and Vanessa Metcalf 

Domenic Cipollone
Morphologically Complex Predicates in Japanese and What They Tell Us About Grammar Architecture  

Sun-Hee Lee
Argument Composition and Linearization: Korean Complex Predicates and Scrambling 

Panayiotis A. Pappas 
Weak Object Pronoun Placement in Later Medieval Greek: Intralinguistic Parameters Affecting Variation  

Thomas W. Stewart, Jr. 
Georgian Agreement Without Extrinsic Ordering 

Nathan Vaillette 
Flexible Summativity: A Type-Logical Approach to Plural Semantics 

Shravan Vasishth
An Empirical Evaluation of Sentence Processing Models: Center Embeddings in Hindi  

Shravan Vasishth and Geert-Jan M. Kruijff Sentence Processing as Abduction+Deduction  

Volumes 55 and Earlier

Note: The PDFs available of these issues are scanned images only.

Volume 55

Winter 2001  200 pp.
Studies on the Interplay of Speech Perception and Phonology (ed.) Elizabeth Hume and Keith Johnson

Elizabeth Hume and Keith Johnson A Model of the Interplay of Speech Perception and Phonology  Tsan Huang The Interplay of Perception and Phonology in Tone 3 Sandhi in Chinese Putonghua  Misun Seo A Perception-Based Study of Sonorant Assimilation in Korean  Stephen Winters Putting Place in its Place  Matthew J. Makashay Lexical Effects in the Perception of Obstruent Ordering  Jeff Mielke Explaining Directional Symmetry in Turkish [h] Deletion: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Perceptability  Georgios Tserdanelis A Perceptual Account of Manner Dissimilation in Greek

Volume 54

Autumn 2000 176 pp.
VARIA (ed.) Jennifer S. Muller, Tsan Huang, Craige Roberts

Mary E. Beckman and Jennifer J. Venditti 
Tagging Prosody and Discourse Structure in Elicited Spontaneous Speech 

Paul C. Davis 
Presuppposition Resolution with Discourse Information Structures 

Mariapaola D'Imperio 
Acoustic-Perceptual Correlates of Sentence Prominence in Italian 

Svetlana Godjevac 
An Autosegmental/Metrical Analysis of Serbo-Croation Intonation 

Steve Hartman Keiser 
Sound Change Across Speech Islands: The Diphthong /ai/ in Two Midwestern Pennsylvania German Communities 

Panayiotis A. Pappas 
Unus Testis, Nullus Testis? The Significance of a Single Token in a Problem of Later Medieval Greek Syntax

Volume 53

Summer 2000 198 pp.
VARIA (ed.) Amanda Miller-Ockhuizen, Robert Levine and Anthony J. Gonsalves

Allison R. Blodgett 
Prosodic Cues "and" Syntactic Disambiguation 

Michael Cahill 
Tonal Associative Morphemes in Optimality Theory 

Michael Cahill 
Positional Contrast and Labial-Velars 

Hope Dawson 
Deviations from the Greek in the Gothic New Testament 

Panayiotis A. Pappas 
PIE feminine '3' and '4': a critique of Snyder (1970) 

Shravan Vasishth 
Word Order, Negation, and Negative Polarity in Hindi 

Neal Whitman 
A Categorial Treatment of Bare-NP Adverbs 

Steve Winters 
Turning Phonology Inside Out, or Testing the Relative Salience of Audio-Visual Cues for Place of Articulation

Volume 52

Summer 1999 288 pp.
Historical Linguistics (ed.) Brian D. Joseph

Martin Jansche 
Chinese and Austronesian: What's up? 

Panayiotis Pappas 
The Development of Counterfactuals with 'thelo' in Early Modern Greek 

Michael Cahill 
Triple Splits from Proto-Buli-Konni 

Thomas W. Stewart, Jr. 
The Mind and Spirit of Old English 'mod' and 'fer(h)th':The Interaction of Metrics and Compounding 

Pauline Welby and Neal Whitman 
Ringe Revisited: Comments in Ringe's Probabilistic Comparison Method 

James Weller 
Etymology of "volga" 

Charlotte Christ Schaengold 
Short-form "Doubling Verbs" in Schwyzerduetsch 

Michelle F. Ramos-Pellicia 
Progressive Constructions in the Spanish Spoken in Puerto Rico 

Karin Golde 
Tracing the Functional Expansion of the Self-Pronoun 

Gwang-Yoon Goh 
Ruling out Chance, Universality, and Borrowing: An Alternative to Ringe 

Brian D.Joseph and Catherine S. Karnitis 
Evaluating Semantic Shifts: The Case of Indo-European *(s)meuk- and Indo-Iranian *muc- 

Marika Whaley 
Tracing the Origins of the Slavic Imperfective be-Future 

Gwang-Yoon Goh 
The Advent of the English Prepositional Passive: A Multi-Faceted Morpho-syntactic Change 

Amalia Arvaniti and Brian D. Joseph 
Variation in Voiced Stop Nasalization in Greek 

Craig Hilts 
Proto-Mixe-Zoquean:A Case in Linguistic and Cultural Reconstruction 

Steve Hartman Keiser 
A Plain Difference: Variation in Case-marking in a Pennsylvania German Speaking Community

Volume 51

Summer 1998  214 pp.  
VARIA (ed.) Mary M. Bradshaw, David Odden and Derek Wyckoff

Mary M. Bradshaw 
One-step Tone Raising in Ali 

Michael Cahill 
Tonal Polarity in Konni Nouns: An Optimal Theoretic Account 

Gwang-Yoon Goh 
Relative Obliqueness and Subcategorization Inheritance in Old English Preposition-Verb Compound Verbs 

Robert Poletto 
Syntax and Tone in Runyankore 

Shravan Vasishth 
Monotonicity Constraints on Negative Polarity in Hindi 

Neal Whitman 
Bare-NP Adverbials and Adjunct Extraction

Volume 50

Summer 1997  175 pp.  
Papers from the Linguistics Laboratory (ed.) Kim Ainsworth-Darnell and Mariapaola D'Imperio

M. Cahill 
Perception of Consonant Clusters and Variable Gap Time 

Erin Diehm & Keith Johnson 
Near-Merger in Russian Plalatalization 

Mariapaola D'Imperio 
Breadth of Focus, Modality, and Prominence Perception in Neapolitan Italian 

Steve H. Keiser, Frans Hinskins, Bettina Migge and Elizabeth Strand 
The Northern Cities Shift in the Heartland ? A Study of Radio Speech in Columbus, Ohio 

Rebecca Herman 
Syntactically-Governed Accentuation in Balinese 

Keith Johnson 
The Auditory/Perceptual Basis for Speech Segmentation 

Keith Johnson and Mary Beckman 
Production and Perception of Individual Speaking Styles 

Jennifer Venditti 
Japanese ToBI Labelling Guidelines 

Kiyoko Yoneyama 
A Cross-Linguistics Study of Dipthongs in Spoken Word Processing in Japanese and English

Volume 49

Summer 1996  177 pp.  
Papers in Semantics (ed.) Jae-Hak Toon & Andreas Kathol

M. Calcagno 
Presupposition, Congruence and Adverbs of Quantification 

Chan Chung A Unified Account of (Ta)myen-Conditionals in Korean 

Alicia Cipria and Craig Roberts 
Spanish imperfecto and preterito: Truth Conditions and Aktionsart effects in Situation Semantics 

Andreas Kathol 
Remarks on Simple Subjunctives 

Craige Roberts 
Information Structure in Discourse: Towards an Integrated Formal Theory of Pragmatics 

Eun Jung Yoo 
Incorporation of Korean Temporal Markers -ESS and -NUN 

Jae-Hak Yoon 
Interpretation of Relative Tenses in Korean Time Adverbials

Volume 48

Spring 1996  227 pp.  
Papers in Phonology (ed.) David Dowty, Rebecca Herman, Elizbeth Hume, Panayiotis A. Pappas

Mary Bradshaw 
One-Step Raising in Gbanu 

Mike Cahill 
ATR Harmony in Konni 

Rebecca Herman 
Prosodic Structure in SiSwati 

H.S. Kang 
The Deletion of /w/ in Seoul Korean and its Implications 

N. Mutonyi 
Tense, Aspect, and Bukusu Verb Tones 

D. Odden 
Patterns of Reduplication in Kikerewe 

Frederick Parkinson 
The Incremental Constriction Model for the Description of Vowel Heights 

Robert Poletto 
Base Identity Effects in Runyankore Reduplication 

R.R. Roberts-Kohno 
Kikamba Verb Stem Tonology

Volume 47

Autumn 1995 123 pp.  
VARIA (ed.) David Dowty, Rebecca Herman, Elizbeth Hume, Panayiotis A. Pappas

K. Ainsworth-Darnell 
Discrininating Between Syntactic and Semantic Processing: Evidence from Event Related Potentials. 

Q. Gao 
The Syntactic Structure of Chinese Formal Focus 

K. Golde 
Employing a Multimodal Logic in an Approach to German Pronoun Fronting 

N.J. Kim 
The Interpretation of Segmental-Prosodic Rules with Tonal Rules: A Case Study of North Kyungsang Korean 

D. Odden 
The Status of Onsetless Syllables in Kikerewe 

A. Zwicky 
Exceptional Degree Markers: A Puzzle of Internal and External Syntax

Volume 46

Spring 1995 114 pp.

Volume 45

February 1995  169 pp.  
Papers from the Linguistics Laboratory (ed.) Stefanie Jannedy

J. E. Boland & A. Cutler: 
Interaction with Autonomy: Defining Multiple Output Models in Psycholinguistic Theories 

K. B. Cohen: 
Vocal Tract Evolution and Vowel Production 

R. Herman: 
Final Lowering in Kipare 

S. Jannedy: 
Gestural Phasing as an Explanation for Vowel Devoicing in Turkish 

K. Johnson & M. Oh: 
Intervocalic Consonant Sequences in Korean 

H-S. Kang: 
Acoustic and Intonational Correlates of Informational Status of Referring Expressions in Standard Korean 

H-S. Pan 
Longitudinal Study of the Acquisition of Taiwanese Initial Stops 

S-h. Peng: 
Perceptual Evidence of Tonal Coarticulation 

J. Ross & I. Lehiste: 
Temporal Structure of an Estonian Lament: A Case Study

Volume 44

April 1994  223 pp.  
Papers from the Linguistics Laboratory (ed.) Jennifer J. Venditti

G.M. Ayers: 
Discourse functions of pitch range in spontaneous and read speech 

M.E. Beckman: 
When is a Syllable not a Syllable? 

J.E. Boland: 
The Relationship between Syntactic and Semantic Processes in Sentence Comprehension 

K. Darnell, J. Boland & M. Nakayama: 
The Influence of Orthography and Sentence Constraint on the Processing of Nouns in Japanese 

S. Jannedy: 
Rate Effects on German Unstressed Syllables 

S-A. Jun: 
Asymmetry of prosodic effects on the glottal gesture in Korean 

K. Maekawa: 
Is there 'dephrasing' of the accentual phrase in Japanese? 

S-h. Peng: 
Effects on Prosodic Position and Tonal Context on Taiwanese Tones 

J.J. Venditti: 
The influence of syntax on prosodic structure in Japanese

Volume 43

March 1994  130 pp.  
Papers from the Linguistics Laboratory (eds.) Sook-hyang Lee and Sun-Ah Jun

K. de Jong: 
Initial tones and prominence in Seoul Korean 

S-A. Jun: 
The domains of laryngeal feature lenition effects in Chonnam Korean 

G. Lee: 
The timing of lip rounding and tongue backing for /u/ 

J. Fletcher and E. Vakikiotis-Bateson: 
Prosody and intrasyllabic timing in French 

B. Ao: 
Lip rounding and vowel formant frequencies in Nantong Chinese 

M. Crabtree and C. Kurz: 
Comparison of lip rounding in German and English 

S-A. Jun: 
Labial position and acoustics of Korean and English high vowels 

S-h. Lee: 
An articulatory study of the features ATR in Akan and emphasis in Arabic 

H-s. Pan: 
Lip rounding in Amoy and Mandarin high vowels: maximum dispersion, or adequate separation 

S-h. Lee: 
The duration and perception of English epenthetic and underlying stops 

S-A. Jun and I. Cowie: 
Interference for 'new' versus 'similar' vowels in Korean speakers of English

Volume 42

September 1993 237 pp.  
Papers in Syntax (eds.) Andreas Kathol and Carl Pollard

C. Block: 
Null Objects in Mandarin Chinese 

M. Calcagno: 
Toward a Linearization-Base Approach to Word Order Variation in Japanese 

C. Chung: 
A Lexical Approach to Inalienable Possession Constructions in Korean 

Q. Gao: 
Chinese NP Structure 

A. Kathol: 
Linearization and Coordination in German 

K-S. Lee: 
Revisiting the Genitive Relative Construction in Korean: Real GRC? 

E. Yoo: 
Subcategorization and Case Marking in Korean 

J-H. Yoon: 
Different Semantics for Different Syntax: Relative Clauses in Korean A Bibliography of Books, Theses, Articles, and Technical Reports in or on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar.

Volume 41

December 1992  148 pp.  
Papers in Phonology (ed.) Elizabeth Hume

B. Ao: 
Non-Uniqueness Condition and the Segmentation of the Chinese Syllable 

E. Hume: 
Theoretical Consequences of Metathesis in Maltese 

N. Mutonyi: 
Cs and Vs: The Case of Bukusu Prosodic Structure 

D. Odden: 
Simplicity of Underlying Representation as Motivation for Underspecification 

F. Parkinson: 
The Feature Pharyngeal in Rwaili Arabic: A Case for Long Distance Multiple Linking 

R. Roberts: 
A Non-Metrical Theory of Sukuma Tone

Volume 40

July 1992  444 pp.  
SALT II (eds.) Chris Barker and David Dowty 

Volume 39

 July 1990   377 pp.  
When Verbs Collide: Papers from the 1990 Ohio State Mini-Conference on Serial Verbs (eds.) Brian D. Joseph and Arnold M. Zwicky 

Volume 38

July 1990  146 pp.  
Papers from the Linguistics Laboratory (eds.) Gina Lee and Wayne Cowart 

Volume 37

August 1989  115 pp.  
Papers in Morphology and Syntax (eds.) Joyce Powers, Uma Subramanian, and Arnold M. Zwicky 

Volume 36

September 1987  140 pp.  
Papers from the Linguistics Laboratory (eds.) Mary Beckman and Gina Lee 

Volume 35

May 1987  214 pp.  
A Festschrift for Ilse Lehiste (eds.) Brian Joseph and Arnold Zwicky 

Volume 34

December 1986  164 pp.  
Studies on Language Change (ed) Brian Joseph 

Volume 33

August 1986  159 pp.  
Finiish Particle Clitics and General Clitic Theory (ed) Joel A Nevis 

Volume 32

July 1986  162 pp.  
Interfaces (ed) Arnold Zwicky 

Volume 31

July 1984  194 pp.  
Studies in Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar (ed) Michael Geis 

Volume 30

July 1984  203 pp.  
German Temporal Semantics: Three-Dimensional Tense Logic and a GPSG Fragment (ed) John A. Nerbonne 

Volume 29

July 1984  207 pp.  
Papers on Morphology (ed) Arnold Zwicky and Rex Wallace 

Volume 28

May 1983 119 pp.  
Common Discourse Particles in English Conversation by Lawerence Clifford Schourup 

Volume 27

May 1983  164 pp.  
Papers in Historical Linguistics (ed) Gregory T. Stump 

Volume 26

May 1982 133 pp.  
Grammatical Relations and Relational Grammar (ed) Brian D. Joseph 

Volume 25

January 1981  173 pp.  
Papers in Phonology (ed) Arnold M. Zwicky 

Volume 24

March 1980  173 pp.  
Clitics and Ellipsis (ed) Arnold M. Zwicky

Volume 23

December 1978
On the Natural Phonology of Vowels by Patricia Donegan

Volume 22

February 1977  151 pp.  
Papers in Psycholinguistics (ed) Olga Garnica 

Volume 21

February 1977  252 pp.  
Papers in Nonphonology (ed) Arnold M. Zwicky 

Volume 20

September 1975  298 pp.  
Proceeding of the Sixth Conference on African Linguistics (ed) Robert K. Herbert 

Volume 19

September 1975  298 pp.  
Patterns of Language, Culture, and Society: Sub-Saharan Africa (ed) Robert K. Herbert 

Volume 18

June 1975  183 pp.  
Articles by Michael Geis, Sheila Geoghegan, Jeanette Gundel, Ronald Neeld, Geoffrey Pullum, and Arnold Zwicky.

Volume 17

May 1974  231 pp.  
Articles by Sara Garnes, Ilse Lehiste, Patricia Miller, Linda Shockey, and Arnold Zwicky.

Volume 16

December 1973  119 pp.  
Mostly Syntax and Semantics 

Volume 15

April 1973  221 pp.  
Articles by Angeliki Malikouti-Drachman, Gaberell Drachman, Mary Edwards, Jonnie Geis, and Lawrence Schourup.

Volume 14

April 1973  126 pp.  
Studies in Phonology and Methodology 

Volume 13

December 1972  221 pp.  
The Strategic Content of Island Constraints by Alexander Grosu

Volume 12

June 1972  88 pp.  
Articles by Richard Gregorski, David Meltzer, Ilse Lehiste, and Linda Shockey.

Volume 11

February 1972  167 pp.  
Articles by James Heringer, Patricia Miller, Lawrence Schourup, and Richard Wojcik.

Volume 10

August 1971  265 pp.  
Articles on Case Grammar (ed) Charles Fillmore.

Volume 9

July 1971  232 pp.  
Articles by Zinny Bond, Richard Gregorski, Andrew Kerek, Ilse Lehiste, Linda Shockey, and Mary Wendell.

Volume 8

June 1971  197 pp.  
Articles by Dale Elliott, Michael Geis, Alexander Grosu, Barry Nobel, Ann Zwicky and Arnold Zwicky.

Volume 7

February 1971  118 pp.  
Articles by Alexander Grosu and Gregory Lee.

Volume 6

September 1970  132 pp.  
Articles by Charles Fillmore, Ilse Lehiste, David Meltzer, Sandra Thompson, and Marcel Tatham.

Volume 5

June 1969  286 pp.  
Twana Phonology by Gaberell Drachman.

Volume 4

May 1970  164 pp.  
Articles by Gaberell Drachman, Mary Edwards, Charles Fillmore, Gregory Lee, Patricia Lee, Ilse Lehiste, and Arnold Zwicky.

Volume 3

June 1969  181 pp.  
Articles by Dale Elliott, Shuan-fan Huang, Terence Langendoen, Gregory Lee, and Ilse Lehiste.

Volume 2

November 1968  126 pp.  
Articles by Charles Fillmore and Ilse Lehiste

Volume 1

December 1967  144 pp.  
Articles by Dale Elliott, Charles Fillmore, James Heringer, Terence Langendoen, Gregory Lee, Ilse Lehiste, and Sandra Thompson.

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