Translations of Simple English Wikipedia Articles into Typed Lambda Calculus

The below text files are annotated using a cued-association sentence processing (CASP) markup, including associations for anaphoric inheritance (-n and -m tags) and quantifier scope (-s, -t, -u tags).

These annotation files can be translated into large lambda calculus text files (over 100M each) using the modelblocks software package (remove the .txt, then make, substituting *.discgraphs for *.editabletrees or *.toktrees).

  • (v0.1) semantic annotations for 3-sentence beginnings of the first 334 articles in a 2014 dump of Simple English Wikipedia.
  • (v0.1) semantic annotations for 6-sentence beginnings of Simple English Wikipedia articles corresponding to the 128 most common words used in Simple English Wikipedia that are also titles of articles.