Virtual in 2022 - Summer Linguistic Institute for Youth Scholars (SLIYS)

Virtual in 2022 - Summer Linguistic Institute for Youth Scholars (SLIYS)

SLIYS - Dissecting language one piece at a time.


The Summer Linguistic Institute for Youth Scholars (SLIYS) is a weeklong summer language program for high school and pre-college students organized by the Department of Linguistics at The Ohio State University. SLIYS introduces students with an interest in foreign languages to the scientific study of language. Participants will explore how language works on many levels as well as gain insight into the ways in which individual languages are similar to and different from each other. 

  • Discover how we use language, from individual sounds to sentences.
  • Learn interesting facts about languages, such as the ways culture and language interact to produce such phenomena as politeness and greetings.
  • Find out how linguists gather data about languages through consultations of a native speaker of a foreign language (languages featured in past programs include Spanish, Korean, French, Turkish, Chinese, and more).
  • Get a taste of college life and the Linguistics major at Ohio State.

"This was an incredible opportunity!!  I loved the fact that I learned so much, but also that I got to interact with people from around the world (Argentina, Turkey, Japan, China, etc.)!"
- Virtual SLIYS '21 Participant


"This program was such a perfect fit for me! I wanted/needed an introduction to linguistics and it provided exactly that and so much more. After just 5 days, my knowledge of linguistics has gone from 0 to like 50 and I hope to gain that other 50 during SLIYS II. Thank you to everyone for making this possible for students like me and I hope it continues! " 
- Virtual SLIYS '21 Participant

Farsi poster

SLIYS I - ONLINE in 2022 

Two Sessions: June 20-24 & July 11-15 

  • An introduction to linguistics, including studies of phonetics, phonology, syntax and semantics
  • Takes place twice during the months of June and July
  • Please apply before May 15, 2022 and students are accepted on a rolling basis


Two Sessions: June 27-July 1 & July 18-22

  • Applied linguistics concepts to language discovery
  • Takes place after each week of SLIYS I in June and July
  • Applications due before May 15, 2022 and students are accepted on a rolling basis

Questions? Contact...

ATTN: Dr. Julie McGory (
106 Oxley Hall
1712 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210 USA

Phone: 614-688-3109

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