Honors Minor in Linguistics


Honors Advisor

Andrea Sims, sims.120@osu.edu
314 Oxley Hall, 1712 Neil Ave.

The Honors Linguistics minor is a variant of the regular Linguistics Minor. The minor course requirements involve five courses in Linguistics, with H2000 or 5000 as one of the required courses. Each minor must include at least one 4000 core course plus one other Linguistics course at 4000 level or higher (excluding 5000). This requirement that one of the electives must be upper-level is the difference between the regular minor and the honors minor. The elective courses listed below are a sampling of available offerings. The electives should be chosen in consultation with the advisors in both the Major and Minor departments to meet a student’s particular needs and interests.


1. One introductory course:

LING (H)2000 Introduction to Language in the Humanities
   GE: Cultures and Ideas

2. One 4000 level core course from the following:

LING 4100 Phonetics

LING 4200 Syntax

LING 4300 Phonology

LING 4350 Morphology

LING 4400 Semantics

3. Three electives (at least one must be at the 4000 level or higher):

LING (H)2051 Analyzing the Sounds of Language
   GE: Mathematical and Logical Analysis

LING H2052 Theories of Linguistics: Scientific Method for Abstractions and Unobservables
   GE: Mathematical and Logical Analysis

LING 3901 Language Evolution and Change
   GE: Cultures and Ideas

LING 3601 Language, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
   GE: Cultures and Ideas; Diversity, United States

LING 2367.01 Language, Sex, and Gender in American Culture
   GE: Second Writing Course

LING (H)3701 Language and Mind
   GE: Social Science

LING (H)3602 Language and Social Identity in the U.S.
   GE: Diversity, United States; Social Science

LING 3603 Language Across Cultures
   GE: Social Science; Diversity, International Issues (Non-Western)

LING (H)3802 Language and Computers
   GE: Mathematical and Logical Analysis

LING 5901 Historical Linguistics

LING 5701 Psycholinguistics

LING 5702 Psyscholinguistics II

LING 5651 Languages in Contact