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Recent BA Theses

Since 2008, undergraduate theses submitted by B.A. and B.S. recipients at the university are published online in the OSU KnowledgeBank Collection of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Theses and Honors Research Theses. This page is currently under construction. When it is finished, it will list each of the theses submitted by recipients of the B.A. in Linguistics to the KnowledgeBank Collection, along with a link to the DOI and information about what the B.A. recipient did with the degree.


Michael Sullivan

A Nondeterministically Enumerated Categorial Grammar analysis of Croatian and English passive constructions.
Advisors: Bob Levine and Andrea Sims

Michelle McKenzie

Effects of relative frequency on morphological processing in Russian and English.
Advisor: Andrea Sims


Bethany Toma

The Semantics and Pragmatics of Right Dislocation: Odd thing, that 
Advisors: Judith Tonhauser and Marie-Catherine de Marneffe

Megan Dailey

Dialect Classification and Speech Intelligibility in Noise 
Advisor: Cynthia Clopper


Alyssa Nelson

Comparison of vowel acoustics in children from the Northern, Midland, and Southern regions of the United States 
Advisor: Cynthia Clopper

Erin Walpole

Free-classification of American dialects in three conditions: natural, monotonized, and low-pass filtered speech 
Advisor: Cynthia Clopper


Daven Hobbs

Dravidian’s influence on Indo-Aryan: The case of the dative-subject construction
Advisors: Brian Joseph and Don Winford


Shannon Melvin

Gender variation in creaky voice and fundamental frequency
Advisor: Cynthia Clopper

Christine Prechtel

Effects of gender and regional dialect on uptalk in the American Midwest
Advisor: Cynthia Clopper

Erin Luthern

Variation in glottalization at prosodic boundaries in clear and plain lab speech
Advisor: Cynthia Clopper

Wei Zhou

The homophone dffect in Mandarin word recognition
Advisors: Kiwako Ito and Shari Speer


Vicki Lynn Krebs

An articulatory and acoustic description of word initial and word medial fricatives and approximants in Mangetti Dune !Xung
Advisor: Amanda Miller

Adam Royer

Effects of Regional Dialect on Word-Final Consonant Voicing
Advisor: Cynthia Clopper


Mary Kathryn Bauer

Twang and slang: Regional Origin and Perceptual Dialectology in Ohio
Advisor: Kathryn Campbell-Kibler

Amber Torelli

Perceptual Dialectology in Ohio
Advisor: Kathryn Campbell-Kibler


Kristen Scudieri

On the perception of /s/ and /ʃ/: considering the effects of phonotactics
Advisors: Elizabeth Hume and Cynthia Clopper


Chanelle Mays

Gender differences in Japanese and English "s" versus "sh"
Advisor: Mary Beckman


John Pate

Extending Phone Prediction Models of Word Segmentation to a More Realistic Representation of Prosody
Committee: Chris Brew (advisor), Mary Beckman, and Eric Fosler-Lussier
John Pate also received an MA from our Linguistics program before going on to earn a PhD at the University of Edinburgh


Terrin Tamati

Effects of dialect and talker variability on lexical recognition memory
Advisor: Cynthia Clopper
After earning her BA, Terrin Tamati entered the doctoral program at Indiana University

Cory Shain

Differential Object Marking in Paraguayan Guaraní
Advisor: Peter Culicover and Judith Tonhauser
After earning his MA in linguistics, Cory Shain studied French, Spanish, and cognitive modeling before returning to OSU in 2016 to enter the doctoral program in Linguistics.

Ross Metusalem

The Role of Pitch Accent in Discourse Construction
Advisor: Kiwako Ito
Ross Metusalem also received an MA from our Linguistics program before becoming a doctoral student at the University of California, San Diego


Erika Colijn

Word Order in Paraguayan Guaraní
Advisor: Judith Tonhauser

Jon Stevens

The Old English Demonstrative: A Synchronic and Diachronic Investigation
Advisors: Brian Joseph and Craige Roberts
Jon Stevens also received an MA from our Linguistics program before going on to earn his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania


Nadia El-Yousseph

Sex and Size: The Influence of Grammatical Gender on Object Perception in English and German
Advisors: Kathryn Corl and Shari Speer

Katherine Woznicki

An Acoustic Analysis of Word Prosody in Ljubljana Slovene
Advisor: Mary Beckman