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The Ohio State University is a founding member of the Ohio Library and Information Network (OhioLINK) which is a statewide electronic catalog system and consortium of libraries that share subscriptions and other library resources. Since 2003, most dissertations submitted by doctoral students at the university are published online at the OhioLINK Electronic Theses & Dissertations Center (ETDC). The OSU library has also started publishing selected earlier dissertations in this way through the ETDC. Other earlier dissertations are available online as pdf files because they were scanned by the students who organized OSU Dissertations in Linguistics (OSUDL) in 1994 or because they were published in the Ohio State University Working Papers in Linguistics or some other open access venue. This page is a complete chronological list of all of the dissertations produced by graduates of the Ohio State University doctoral program in Linguistics, with a link to the OhioLINK EDTC page for the pdf file (for titles that are otherwise unmarked) or to some other open-access pdf file where available.  If there is no open-access pdf file available, the link is to the entry in the OSU library catalog and the ProQuest number is provided. We aim to also provide links to the publisher's page for dissertations that were published as monographs in venues such as the Garland Press Distinguished Dissertations in Linguistics. If you have more recent information about publication that is not reflected here, please contact us.


Mahler, Taylor. 2022. Social identity information in projection inferences: a case study in social and semantic-pragmatic meaning.

Rasmussen, Nathan. 2022. Broad-domain Quantifier Scoping with RoBERTa.


Dickerson, Carly. 2021. Sociolinguistic Knowledge of Albanian Heritage Speakers in the U.S.

Dossey, Ellen. 2021. The role of sociophonetic knowledge in speech processing.

Jaffe, Evan. 2021. The Role of Coreference Resolution in Memory- and Expectation-based Models of Human Sentence Processing.

Karim, Shuan. 2021. The synchrony and diachrony of New Western Iranian nominal morphosyntax.

Shain, Cory. 2021.  Language, time, and the mind: Understanding human language processing using continuous-time deconvolution regression.

Sims, Nandi. 2021. Race, ethnicity, interests, and linguistic variation at a primarily Black Miami middle school.


Martha Austen. 2020. The Role of Listener Experience in Perception of Conditioned Dialect Variation

Alexander Erdmann. 2020. Practical Morphological Modeling: Insights from Dialectal Arabic

Lifeng Jin. 2020. Computational Modeling of Syntax Acquisition with Cognitive Constraints


David Mitchell. 2019. Verbal -s in African-American Vernacular English: Affective, social, grammatical, and dialectological influences

Manjuan Duan. 2019. Recovering Chinese Nonlocal Dependencies with a Generalized Categorial Grammar


Yuhan Lin. 2018. Stylistic Variation and Social Perception in Second Dialect Acquisition


Marten van Schijndel. 2017. The Influence of Syntactic Frequencies on Human Sentence Processing

Qingyang Yan. 2017. Factors influencing generalization and maintenance of cross-category imitation of Mandarin regional variants

Jefferson Barlew. 2017. The semantics and pragmatics of perspectival expressions in English and Bulu: The case of deictic motion verbs 

Murat Yasavul. 2017. Questions and Answers in K'iche' 


Rachel S. Burdin. 2016. Variation in form and function in Jewish English intonation. 

Jane F. Mitsch. 2016. Bordering on national language varieties: Political and linguistic borders in the Wolof of Senegal and The Gambia.

Chris Worth. 2016. English coordination in Linear Categorial Grammar.


Patrick F. Reidy. 2015. The spectral dynamics of voiceless sibilant fricatives in English and Japanese.

Rory Turnbull. 2015. Assessing the listener-oriented account of predictability-based phonetic reduction.

Kodi Weatherholtz. 2015. Perceptual learning of systemic cross-category vowel variation.


Katie Carmichael. 2014. "I never thought I had an accent until the hurricane": Sociolinguistic variation in post‐Katrina Greater New Orleans.

Jon Dehdari. 2014. A neurophysiologically-inspired statistical language model.

Cynthia Johnson. 2014. Deconstructing and reconstructing semantic agreement: A case study of multiple antecedent agreement in Indo-European.

Deborah Morton. 2014. The temporal and aspectual semantics and verbal tonology of Gɩsɩda Anii.

Andrew R. Plummer. 2014. The acquisition of vowel normalization during early Infancy: Theory and computational framework. [OhioLINK EDTC; See alsothis posted pdf ms in revision for publication.]

Abigail J. Walker. 2014. Crossing oceans with voices and ears: Second dialect acquisition and topic-based shifting in production and perception.


Dahee Kim. 2013. The production and perception of signal-based cues to word boundaries.

Marivic Lesho. 2013. The sociophonetics and phonology of the Cavite Chabacano vowel system.

Scott Martin. 2013. The dynamics of sense and implicature.

Elizabeth McCullough. 2013. Acoustic correlates of perceived foreign accent in non-native English.

Bridget Smith. 2013. The interaction of speech perception and production in laboratory sound change.


Adriane Boyd. 2012. Detecting and diagnosing grammatical errors for beginning learners of German: From learner corpus annotation to constraint satisfaction problems.

David Durian. 2012. A new perspective on vowel variation across the 19th and 20th centuries in Columbus, OH.

Jeffrey Holliday. 2012. The emergence of L2 phonological contrast in perception: The case of Korean sibilant fricatives.

Dennis Mehay. 2012. Bean Soup Translation: Flexible, linguistically-motivated syntax for machine translation.

Vedrana Mihalicek. 2012. Serbo-Croatian word order: A logical approach.

Tyson Na'im. 2012. Exploration of acoustic features for automatic vowel discrimination in spontaneous speech.

Raja Rajkumar. 2012. Linguistically motivated features for CCG realization ranking.

Jeonghwa Shin. 2012. Prosodic effects on spoken word recognition in second language: Processing of lexical stress by Korean-speaking learners of English.

Christin Wilson. 2012. Variation and text type in Old Occitan texts.


Stephen Boxwell. 2011. A CCG-based method for training a semantic role labeler in the absence of explicit syntactic training data.

Ivan Hovermale. 2011. Erron: A phrase-based machine translation approach to customized spelling correction.

Jungmee Lee. 2011. Evidentiality and its interaction with tense: Evidence from Korean.

Anastasia Smirnova. 2011. Evidentiality and mood: Grammatical expressions of epistemic modality in Bulgarian.


Angelo Constanzo. 2010. Romance conjugational classes: Learning from the peripheries.

Robin Dautricourt. 2010. French Liaison: Linguistic and sociolinguistic influences on speech perception.

Anouschka Foltz. 2010. How listeners resolve reference: Effects of pitch accent, edge tones, and lexical contrast.

Ilana Heintz. 2010. Arabic language modeling with stem-derived morphemes for Automatic Speech Recognition.

Yusuke Kubota. 2010. (In)flexibility of constituency in Japanese in multi-modal categorial grammar with structured phonology.

Julia Papke. 2010. Classical Sanskrit preverb ordering: a diachronic study.

Salena Sampson. 2010. Noun phrase word order variation in Old English verse and prose.

Elizabeth Smith. 2010. Correlational comparison in English.


Kathleen Currie Hall. 2009. A probabilistic model of phonological relationships from contrast to allophony.

Eun Jong Kong. 2009. The development of phonation-type contrasts in plosives: Cross-linguistic perspectives.


Stacy Bailey. 2008. Content assessment in intelligent computer-aided language learning: Meaning error diagnosis for English as a second language.

Kirk Baker. 2008. Multilingual distributional lexical similarity.

Jianguo Li. 2008. Hybrid methods for acquisition of lexical information: The case for verbs.

Fangfang Li. 2008. The phonetic development of voiceless sibilant fricatives in English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Ila Nagar. 2008. Language, gender and identity: The case of Kotis in Lucknow- India.

Helena Riha. 2008. Lettered words and Roman letter characters in Chinese writing: A study of alphabetic writing in Chinese newswires.


Jirka Hana. 2007. Czech clitics in higher order grammar.

Soyoung Kang. 2007. Effects of prosody and context on the comprehension of syntactic ambiguity in English and Korean.

Grant McGuire. 2007. Phonetic category learning.

Christopher Anton Rytting. 2007. Preserving subsegmental variation in modeling word segmentation (or, the raising of baby Mondegreen).

Lei Xu. 2007. Phonological variation and word recognition in continuous speech.


Xiaofei Lu. 2006. Hybrid models for Chinese unknown word resolution.

Anna Feldman. 2006. Portable language technology: a resource-light approach to morpho-syntactic tagging. 

Andrea Sims. 2006. Minding the gaps: Inflectional defectiveness in paradigmatic morphology. [OhioLINK ETDC;  Also distributed by OSUDL.]

Wai-Yi Peggy Wong. 2006. Syllable fusion in Hong Kong Cantonese connected speech.


Wes Collins. 2005. Centeredness as a cultural and grammatical theme in Maya-Mam.

Mike Daniels. 2005. Generalized ID/LP grammar: A formalism for parsing linearization-based HPSG grammars.

Hope Dawson. 2005. Morphological variation and change in the Rigveda: The case of -au vs. -ā:

Markus Dickinson. 2005. Error detection and correction in annotated corpora.

Robin Dodsworth. 2005. Linguistic variation and sociological consciousness.

Georgios Tserdanelis. 2005. The role of segmental sandhi in the parsing of speech: Evidence from Greek.

Kyuchul Yoon. 2005. Building a prosodically sensitive diphone database for a Korean text-to-speech synthesis system.


Allison Blodgett. 2004. The interaction of prosodic phrasing, verb bias, and plausibility during spoken sentence comprehension.

Tsan Huang. 2004. Language-specificity in auditory perception of Chinese tones.

Sunhee Lee. 2004. A lexical analysis of select unbounded dependency constructions in Korean.

Jeff Mielke. 2004. The emergence of distinctive features.

Michelle Ramos-Pellicia. 2004. Language contact and dialect contact: cross-generational phonological variation in a Puerto Rican community in the midwest of the United States.

Charlotte Schaengold. 2004. Bilingual Navajo: mixed codes, bilingualism, and language maintenance.

Thomas Stewart. 2004. Mutation as morphology: bases, stems, and shapes in Scottish Gaelic.

Nathan Vaillette. 2004. Logical specification of finite-state transductions for natural language processing.


Shelome Gooden. 2003. The phonology and phonetics of Jamaican Creole reduplication.

Martin Jansche. 2003. Inference of string mappings for speech technology.

Matthew Makashay. 2003. Individual differences in speech and non-speech perception of frequency and duration.

Misun Seo. 2003. A segment contact account of the patterning of sonorants in consonant clusters.

Pauline Welby. 2003. The slaying of Lady Mondegreen, being a study of French tonal association and alignment and their role in speech segmentation.

Stephen Winters. 2003. Empirical investigations into the perceptual and articulatory origins of cross-linguistic asymmetries in place assimilation.


Paul Davis. 2002. Stone Soup Translation: The linked automata model.

Janice Fon. 2002. A Cross-linguistic study on syntatic and discourse boundary cues in spontaneous speech. [Distributed by OSUDL.]

Jean Godby. 2002. A computational study of lexicalized noun phrases in English.

Stefanie Jannedy. 2002. Hat patterns and double peaks: The phonetics and psycholinguistics of broad versus late narrow versus double focus intonations. [Distributed by OSUDL.]

Shravan Vasishth. 2002. Working memory in sentence comprehension: Processing Hindi center embeddings.

Neal P. Whitman. 2002. Category neutrality: A type-logical investigation [Also published, 2004, in the Routledge Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics series.]

Kiyoko Yoneyama. 2002. Phonological neighborhoods and phonetic similarity in Japanese word recognition.


Jennifer Muller. 2001. The phonology and phonetics of word-initial geminates.

Qian Gao. 2001. Argument structure, HPSG, and Chinese grammar. [ProQuest number: 9999392.]

Steven Hartman Keiser. 2001. Language change across speech islands: The emergence of a midwestern dialect of Pennsylvania German.

Marcelino Liphola. 2001. Aspects of phonology and morphology of Shimakonde. [ProQuest number: 3022526.]

Amanda Miller-Ockhuizen. 2001. Grounding Jui'hoansi root phonotactics: The phonetics of the guttural OCP and other acoustic modulations. [ProQuest number: 3022548; Published, 2003, in the Routledge Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics series, and now available as an e-book The phonetics and phonology of gutturals: A case study from Ju|'hoansi.]

Panayiotis Pappas. 2001. Weak object pronoun placement in Later Medival Greek: Intralinguistic parameters affecting variation. [Distributed by OSUDL.]

Jennifer Vannest. 2001. Morphological effects in visual word processing: Their timecourse and consequences for lexical architecture.  [ProQuest number: 3022592]


Michael Cahill. 2000. Aspects of the morphology and phonology of K̉NNI. [ProQuest number: 9962448]

Mariapaola D'Imperio. 2000. The role of perception in defining tonal targets and their alignment.

Gwang-Yoon Go. 2000. The synchrony and diachrony of the English prepositional passive: Form, meaning, and function. [ProQuest number: 9982567]

Svetlana Godjevac. 2000. Intonation, word order and focus projection in Serbo-Croatian. [Distributed by OSUDL.]

Nasiombe Mutonyi. 2000. Aspects of Bukusu morphology and phonology. [ProQuest number: 9994910]

Rosalind R. Roberts-Kohno. 2000. Kikamba phonology and morphology. [ProQuest number:  9962448]

Elizabeth Strand. 2000. Gender stereotype effects in speech processing. [Distributed by OSUDL.]

Jennifer Venditti. 2000. Discourse structure and attentional salience effects on Japanese intonation. [Distributed by OSUDL.]


Mary Bradshaw. 1999. A crosslinguistic study of consonant-tone interaction.

Karin Golde. 1999. Binding theory and beyond: An investigation Into the English pronominal system. [ProQuest number: 9951659]


Kim Ainsworth-Darnell. 1998. The effects of priming on recognition latencies on familiar and unfamiliar orthographic forms of Japanese words. [ProQuest number: 9833940]

Kutz Maria C. Arrieta-Stemen. 1998. Nominalizations in Basque: A case in language attrition. [ProQuest number: 9900793]

Paul D. Fallon. 1998. The synchronic and diachronic phonology of ejectives. [ProQuest number: 9900827; Published, 2003, in the Routledge Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics series.]

Rebecca Herman. 1998. Intonation and discourse structure in English: phonological and phonetic markers of local and global discourse structure. [ProQuest number: 9911203]

Claudia Kurz-Nicoletti. 1998. Function words and simplification in contact varieties of German. [ProQuest number: 9822334]

Bettina Migge. 1998. Substrate influence in the formation of the Surinamese Plantation Creole: A consideration of sociohistorical data and linguistic data from Ndyuka and Gbe. [Distributed by OSUDL.]

Robert Poletto. 1998. Topics in runyankore phonology. [ProQuest number: 9911251]

Tracey Weldon. 1998. Exploring the AAVE-Gullah connection: A comparative study of copula variability. [ProQuest number: 9911288]



Andrew Saperstein. 1997. A word-and-paradigm approach to reduplication. [ProQuest number: 9801779]

Eun Jung Yoo. 1997. Quantifiers and wh-interrogatives in the syntax-semantics interface. [ProQuest number: 9801828]


Gayle Ayers Elam. 1996. Nuclear accent types and prominence: Some psycholinguistic experiments.[Distributed by OSUDL.]
Frederick Parkinson. 1996. The representation of vowel height in phonology. [Distributed by OSUDL.]

Halyna Sydorenko. 1996. The atypical morpheme: Two case studies from Ukrainian. [ProQuest number: 9710666]

Jae-Hak Yoon. 1996. Temporal adverbials and Aktionsarten in Korean. [Distributed by OSUDL.]


Chan Chung. 1995. A lexical approach to word order variation in Korean. [Distributed by OSUDL.]

Andreas Kathol. 1995. Linearization-based German syntax. [ProQuest number: 9544597]


Lutfi Hussein. 1994. Voicing-dependent vowel duration in standard Arabic and its acquisition by adult American students.

Sook-hyang Lee. 1994A cross-linguistic study of the role of the jaw in consonant articulation.

Katherine A Welker. 1994. Plans in the common ground: Toward a generative account of conversational implicature. [Distributed by OSUDL.]


Benjamin Xiaoping Ao. 1993. Phonetics and phonology of Nantong Chinese.

Sun-Ah Jun. 1993. The phonetics and phonology of Korean prosody.



Hee-Rahk Chae. 1992. Lexically triggered unbounded discontinuities in English: An indexed phrase structure grammar approach.

Xiang-ling Dai. 1992. Chinese morphology and its interface with syntax.


Young Hee Chung. 1991. The lexical tone system of the North Kyungsang dialect of Korean. [ProQuest number 9130456.]

Kenneth de Jong. 1991. The oral articulation of English stress accent. [ProQuest number: 9201648]

Ann Gruber-MIller. 1991. Loss of Arabic case endings: Internal or external reasons? [ProQuest number: 9201670]

Yongkyoon No. 1991. Case alterations on verb-phrase internal arguments. [ProQuest number: 9211194]

Jane Smirniotopoulos. 1991. Lexical passives in Modern Greek. [ProQuest number: 9120726; Published, 1992, in the Routledge Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics series.]

Uma Subramanian. 1991. On internal and external syntax mismatches. [ProQuest number: 9219033]


Ying-yu Sheu. 1990. Topics on a categorial theory of Chinese syntax. [ProQuest number: 9105209]


Hakan Kuh. 1989. Correlation between inflection and word order. [ProQuest number: 9022518]


Keith Johnson. 1988. Processes of speaker normalization in vowel verception. [ProQuest number: 8822868]

Peter Lasersohn. 1988. A semantics for groups and events. [ProQuest number: 8824557; Published, 1990, in the Garland Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics series.]

Riitta Välimaa-Blum. 1988. Finnish existential clauses -- Their syntax, pragmatics and intonation.

Zheng-Sheng Zhang. 1988. Tone and tone sandhi in Chinese. [ProQuest number: 8907344]


Erhard Hinrichs. 1985. A compositional semantics for Aktionsarten and NP reference in English.

Joel Nevis. 1985. Finnish particle clitics and general clitic theory. [ProQuest number: 8603037]


John Nerbonne. 1984. German temporal semantics: Three-dimensional tense logic and a GPSG fragment. [ProQuest number: 8410410]

Klaus Obermeier. 1984. Temporal Inferences in computational linguistics information processing. [ProQuest number: 8504060]

Rex Wallace. 1984. The Sabeliian languages. [ProQuest number: 8426497]


James Hoskison. 1983. A grammar and dictionary of the Gude language.


Christopher Farrar. 1982. A prototype theory of speech perception. [ProQuest number: 8207180]

Deborah Schaffer. 1982. Intonation cues to management in natural conversation. [ProQuest number: 8305389]

Rachel Schaffer. 1982. Vocal cues for irony in English. [ProQuest number: 8300341]

Lawrence Schourup. 1982. Common discourse particles in English conversation. [ProQuest number: 8222175].


Gregory T. Stump. 1981. The formal semantics and pragmatics of free adjuncts and absolutes in English. [ProQuest number: 8121859]


Donald Churma. 1980. Arguments from external evidence in phonology. [ProQuest number: 8009263]

Roderick Goman. 1980. Consonants in natural phonology. [ProQuest number: 8009282]

Deborah Schmidt. 1980. A history of inversion in English. [ProQuest number: 8100245]

Richard Warner. 1980. Discourse connectives in English. [ProQuest number: 8008794]


William Boys. 1979. Ibibio phonology. [ProQuest number: 7922457]

Nancy Levin. 1979Main-verb ellipsis in spoken English. [ProQuest number: 8001774]

Roy C. Major. 1979. Prosody in Brazilian Portuguese phonology.


Patricia Donegan. 1978. On the natural phonology of vowels. [ProQuest number: 8000660]

Christian F. Latta. 1978. Methods for internal reconstruction. [ProQuest number: 7819626]


Robert K. Herbert. 1977. Language universals, markedness theory, and natural phonetic processes: The interaction of nasal and oral consonants. [ProQuest number: 7731889]

Marion Johnson. 1977. A semantic analysis of Kikuyu tense and aspect. [ProQuest number: 7731898]

Robert Kantor. 1977. The management and comprehension of discourse connection by pronouns in English. [ProQuest number: 7731901]

Jay Pollack. 1977. Lexical features in phonology. [ProQuest number: 7731954]

Holly Semiloff. 1977An acoustic correlate of syllabicity in English. [ProQuest number: 7717135]


John Perkins. 1976. An acoustic phonetic study of cross-dialect phonological borrowing. [ProQuest number: 7717124]


Barry Nobel. 1975. Inflectional shortening in Baltic. [ProQuest number: 7603509]


Sara Garnes. 1974. Quantity in Icelandic: production and perception. [ProQuest number: 7424327]

Patricia A. Lee. 1974. Impositive speech acts. [ProQuest number: 7417792]

Ronald Neeld. 1974. Global constraints in syntax. [ProQuest number: 7424378]


James Hutcheson. 1973. A natural history of complete consonantal assimilations. [ProQuest number: 7403207]

Linda Shockey. 1973. Phonetic and phonological properties of connected speech.

Rick Wojcik. 1973. The expression of causation in English clauses.


Alexander Grosu. 1972. The strategic content of island constraints. [ProQuest number: 7302009]

Hsiao-Tung Lu. 1972. The verb-verb construction in Mandarin Chinese. [ProQuest number: 7227057]


Zinny Bond. 1971. Units in speech perception. [ProQuest number: 7127437]

Dale E. Elliott. 1971. The grammar of emotive and exclamatory sentences in English.

James T. Heringer. 1971. Some grammatical correlates of felicity conditions and presupposition. [ProQuest number: 7204521]

Shuan-fan Huang. 1971. A study of adverbs. [ProQuest number: 7127485]


Paul Gregory Lee. 1970.  Subjects and agents. [ProQuest number: 7118042]


Sandra A. Thompson. 1969. On relative clause structures in relation to the nature of syntactic complexity. [ProQuest number: 7014106]


Anne O. Yue-Hashimoto. 1966. Embedding structures in Mandarin. [ProQuest number: 6610017]


Mantaro J. Hashimoto. 1965. The phonology of Ancient Chinese. [ProQuest number: 6606265; Also Volume 1 published, 1978, and Volume 2 published, 1979, as Monographs No. 10 and 11 of the Studies of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa Monograph Series of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Research Institute of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa.]


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