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Chapter 1: Introduction

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File 1.4

File 1.5

File 1.6

  • Exercises for File 1.3, pg. 33, Exercise #14: Grammar Girl website (LF 12: pg. 35, Discussion Question #18)
  • Exercises for File 1.5, pg. 36, Activity #30: Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter access and information videos in BSL (YouTube playlist) (LF 12: pg. 37, Activity 30. Additional instructions for LF 12: The British Museum changed their website, but the YouTube playlist linked here has various short videos in BSL that will work for the purposes of this assignment. Since the videos are captioned, please answer the following modified version of question (iii): "Can you understand any of what the signers are saying with the audio muted and the captions at the bottom of the screen covered? If so, how? What cues are you using? What difficulties do you experience in trying to understand what they are saying?")

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