Sound files for Ch. 2: Phonetics


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pp. 45–47, chart: Sample words for phonetic symbols of English 

pg. 50, example (3): Voiceless versus voiced sounds 

pg. 60, top: Vowel height in English

pg. 60, middle: Tongue advancement in English vowels

pg. 61, top: Lip rounding in English vowels

pg. 61, middle: Tense versus lax in English vowels

pg. 69, example (1): Examples of using length to contrast word meaning in Finnish 

pg. 71, example (3): Pitch accent prominence in English 

pg. 71, example (4): Phrase tones in English 

pg. 72, example (5): Examples from Mandarin Chinese: different tones, different meanings  

pg. 75, example (1): 440 Hertz sine wave, the tone A

pg. 77, example (3)a: 100 Hertz sine wave

pg. 77, example (3)b: 800 Hertz sine wave

pg. 77, example (3)c: Complex wave

pg. 85, example (12): Audio from live rock concert

pg. 99, exercise 17: Audio for English phonetic transcription exercises

pg. 101, exercise 25: Audio for English intonation exercise

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