Eligibility for the SLIYS program



“My favorite part of SLIYS was the elicitation sessions. I liked the sessions because they were challenging and interesting. Getting to dive into a language head first was an absolutely amazing experience." 

- SLIYS '20 Participant

Grade Requirements

SLIYS is open to high school students who will be freshman, sophomores, juniors, or seniors (grades 9-12) in the upcoming school year (i.e. 2020-2021). This typically corresponds to the ages of 14-18.

Academic Requirements

Admission to the SLIYS program is competitive. While there are no strict GPA requirements, a 3.0 or better overall GPA is recommended.

Students with Physical Disabilities

The organizers of SLIYS are committed to making the program available to all eligible students. In no way should a student be discouraged from applying because of a disability. Any student who needs accommodations due to a disability should indicate this on their application, though this is for information purposes only and will not be used to evaluate the application.

For more information please see our page on How to Apply or feel free to Contact Us.