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Eligibility for the SLIYS program



“My favorite part of SLIYS was the elicitation sessions. I liked the sessions because they were challenging and interesting. Getting to dive into a language head first was an absolutely amazing experience." 

- SLIYS '20 Participant

Grade Requirements

SLIYS is open to high school students who will be freshman, sophomores, juniors, or seniors (grades 9-12) in the upcoming school year (i.e., 2024-25). This typically corresponds to the ages of 14-18.

Academic Requirements

Admission to the SLIYS program is competitive. While there are no strict GPA requirements, a 3.0 or better overall GPA is recommended.

Students with Disabilities

The organizers of SLIYS are committed to making the program available to all eligible students. In no way should a student be discouraged from applying because of a disability. Any student who needs accommodations due to a disability should indicate this on their application, though this is for information purposes only and will not be used to evaluate the application.


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