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SLIYS Testimonials


“SLIYS was an amazing experience, I learned so much about linguistics and I have become so close with so many of the people in the program. I have connected with many people who I normally would never have interacted with. SLIYS  gave me a real look into linguistics before I went to college, giving me a safe place to learn if this was something that truly interested me."

- SLIYS '18 Participant

What I Learned About Me

"SLIYS helped me realize the amazing world in my head, and helped direct my thoughts about language I've puzzled over for ages." --SLIYS 2012

"SLIYS changed my worldview and how I see everyday conversations. Instead of being a passive conversationalist, I now take language learning into my own hands." --SLIYS 2018

"SLIYS taught me many things about linguistics and has made me even more interested in studying language." --SLIYS 2018

"It was really interesting as I learned a lot of new topics that I was never exposed to in school." --SLIYS 2020

"Best summer of my life!" --SLIYS 2018

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College Prep

“As a person who enjoys learning other languages, I feel like SLIYS is an extremely helpful experience. Not only do you delve into almost all of the most important aspects of language(s), but this program also provides the perfect balance of easygoing campus life and a busy academic schedule that can appeal to anyone. I’d definitely recommend SLIYS to any student passionate about being college-bound and linguistics." --SLIYS 2014

“I loved SLIYS and it was really fun staying at the dorm. It was a great way to get a little taste of college life. Talking to native speakers was really informative and I learned a lot.” --SLIYS 2014

"This is great! I would definitely recommend this to all students interested in linguistics. The program provides great and useful knowledge." --SLIYS 2018


Meet New People

"VSLIYS was super fun this year! Even though it was on Zoom, I still got to make a bunch of new friends" --SLIYS 2020

"I realized just how many different kinds of teenagers there are. My world was widened and my heart was opened. Also being able to meet native speakers was a lovely experience. Our teachers were pretty cool too!" --SLIYS 2012

“Not only did I learn about language, I met and befriended like-minded people with whom I connected very well.” --SLIYS 2014

"I feel like I got a great group of friends from this program, and that was honestly the best part. I loved that the classes were educational without being a ton of work like a real class. Also, the incorporation of linguistics, languages, and other educational topics outside of the classroom was great." --SLIYS 2018

"My most favorite thing was meeting all the people who had similar interests as me but were from different backgrounds." -- SLIYS 2018

"I have so many positive memories associated with this program and I’m very lucky to have participated in it. Meeting people from all different walks of life, all under the umbrella of a shared interest is something that I’ll never forget." --SLIYS 2018

"My most favorite part was meeting people with similar interests! I didn’t know other high schoolers enjoyed linguistics and languages as I did, and it was comforting and encouraging to be surrounded by people like me." --SLIYS 2018

"My favorite part of SLIYS was the people there. They’re all a bunch of nerds and it was great to find a group of people with a specific similar interest. We still talk daily."  --SLIYS 2018


Beyond the High School Setting

"I had so much fun and I want to thank you guys so much! You all did a great job and it was so enjoyable" --SLIYS 2020

"SLIYS was amazing because I got the opportunity to explore linguistics in a classroom setting, an experience high-schoolers don't otherwise have access to." --SLIYS 2018

"I really enjoyed the classroom stuff and the activities we did with it. Also, I loved getting to know kids from around the country who share my interest. I have no way to get that type of formal instruction in linguistics at school, so I have to learn stuff on my own, but it was really cool to actually be taught and receive worksheets and play games etc. with the content." --SLIYS 2018

"I enjoyed the experience a lot and I got to learn a lot of things that I would have never had the opportunity to." --SLIYS 2018


About Linguistics

“It exceeded my expectations. My knowledge of phonetics, especially expanded, and my understanding of linguistics as a whole is much improved. Wonderful program!” --SLIYS 2014

"If you are interested in finding out more about what linguistics is and how it works, I would definitely recommend this camp. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the friends I made. Thank you so much!" --SLIYS 2012

"The SLIYS program at OSU opened up an entirely new world for me in terms of linguistics" --SLIYS 2018