Before enrolling, all who are interested (both current students, and non-students) should talk to the Linguistics advisor. Julie McGory (she, hers) mcgory.1@osu.edu, about the course requirements, potential tuition costs and time line (schedule) for completing the Computational Linguistics Certificate.

After consulting with the advisor, current OSU students will be placed in the certificate program by the advisor and will be able to register for courses. Non OSU students need to contact OSU's department of Extended Education https://extendeded.osu.edu/ to register and determine cost for taking courses. Jody Patrick (he, his), patrick.216@osu.edu, will be able to help with registering as a non-degree seeking student. The certificate is not a degree program. Once becoming an OSU student, the Linguistics advisor will place the student into the Certificate program and help the student register for classes.