Kodi Weatherholtz Takes New Position

September 21, 2016

Kodi Weatherholtz Takes New Position

Kodi Weatherholtz

Congratulations are due to Kodi Weatherholtz (PhD 2015, Advisor Cynthia Clopper), who has accepted a position with Pearson Education (http://www.pearsoned.com/) as a full-time Senior Research Analyst / Data Scientist. He has returned with his family to Columbus (from an NIH postdoc in the Jaeger lab in Brain & Cognitive Sciences at U Rochester) and will be working remotely for Pearson.


Kodi says, “I'll be working as part of the Efficacy and Research team to ensure that Pearson's learning services measurably improve student learning outcomes. My post-doc at the University of Rochester was great. But ultimately I decided that tenure-track wasn't the right path for me. So starting next week, I'll be embarking on a new adventure!”


Kodi (kweatherholtz@gmail.com) has generously offered to serve as a resource for OSU linguists who are considering the transition to a non-academic career path. He has considered/researched/debated the benefits of academic vs. non-academic employment for several years, and is happy to share what he’s learned.


Terrific news, Kodi!  We’re glad to have you back in Cbus.