Robin Dautricourt

October 6, 2016

Robin Dautricourt


Congratulations are due to Robin Dautricourt (PhD 2010, Advisor Shari Speer), who has accepted a position at Amazon, working with the Alexa Language Technologies team at Amazon headquarters in Seattle, Washington.  Robin says, “If you're not familiar with Alexa, or the flagship product Echo, it's worth checking it out. And if you take 10 minutes to google or youtube these terms, you'll quickly see that there's a lot of activity going on in this space. The commercial linked below gives a quick view into this world, but there's a lot more going on, and a lot more to come.

Robin also asks that we inform the community that Amazon is expanding its workforce, and that there are opportunities within Alexa in areas including ASR, NLU, and TTS, as well as other groups at Amazon.  On this topic, Robin says, “Please feel free to share this information as widely as you'd like, and let people know that I'd be happy to make a personal introduction to the recruiting team at Amazon. My suggestion is the following: 1) find at least one Job ID that looks interesting, and 2) email me the Job IDs (i.e. don't apply directly through the site). I'll follow up directly with the recruiting team. For anybody who's checking out job postings, don't worry if the job isn't in the location you'd like it to be - that's not necessarily a deal-breaker. And, keep in mind that more positions will get opened, so if you find one that's close enough to establish a contact and open a door, go for it.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Here are a couple recommended links. The first is simply the company jobs portal. The second is specific to Alexa, and includes some information, recruiting videos, etc.

Great news, Robin!