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Clayton Marr

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Clayton Marr

Doctoral Student


Oxley Hall 300

Areas of Expertise

  • Computational historical phonology
  • Romance linguistics
  • Balkan linguistics


  • B.A., Computational Linguistics (Independent), Vassar College (2017)
  • Master of Language Technologies, Carnegie Mellon University (2019)

My interests include:

  • historical phonology, especially computational approaches and the dynamics driving sound change 
    • Computerized Forward Reconstruction (CFR) -- my system, DiaSim, is public access and I am working on making it more public friendly (published works on this: in LT4HALA (https://aclanthology.org/2020.lt4hala-1.5.pdf) 
  • language extinction, especially inquiry into pre-modern scenarios, such as the late classical period. 
  • language contact, with a sprachbund approach; also, exploring computational approaches
  • currently investigating: potential for neural approaches to diachrony


  • Romance languages (especially: French and other oil varieties; Romanian)
  • Balkan languages (especially: Albanian, Romanian, Turkish) 
  • some other (late-)classical era languages I can get distracted with: Gaulish, Hittite, Hebrew, Sogdian, Avestan, Messapic, Phrygian, Doric Greek dialects


  • from ages 16 to 22, I ended up as Frodo by popular demand for Halloween seven years in a row
  • like at least two other people in this department (and counting) I have been an oboist 
  • I bear no relation that I know of to some people in history who (perhaps unfortunately) have a last name spelled like mine, and (fortunately) that includes the Soviet linguist N.R. Marr. I (unfortunately) also do not have any relation that I know of to the neuroscientist/cognitive scientist David Marr.
  • I will accept pronunciations of my name with either a [ʔ], a [ɾ], or an unreleased T. You are free to innovate as well, but only on the /t/'s realization. 

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