About Psycholinguistics Lab Group


The psycholinguistics Lab Group is a standing research group with weekly meetings, course number LING 7890.07, meeting Fridays from 9-10:30 am in 117C Stadium East.

Our research in psycholinguistics includes such topics as: discourse structure and intonation (ToBI), phonological and phonetic analyses of prosody in natural speech (Praat) (R), the role of prosodic structure in sentence processing and referential resolution, lexical prosody and language acquisition, development of grammatical use of prosody by children, the role of phonetic variation in speech processing, and perceptual learning and perceptual adjustment.

Lab members are conducting various eye-tracking, Mechanical Turk and reaction time experiments.

Psycholinguistics labs are in the Ohio State Stadium (really!), and many of us also conduct research in the BLN Language Pod at COSI.

Join the psycholinguistics mailing list. Periodic emails to the mailing list include notices of items of interest to members of the psycholinguistics lab group, meeting reminders, and so on.