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Welcome to SLIYS (pronounced "SLICE"), a weeklong summer language program for high school and pre-college students organized by the Department of Linguistics at The Ohio State University.

SLIYS promotes foreign language study (including Spanish, Korean, French, Turkish, Chinese, and additional foreign languages) in all aspects by cultivating a deeper appreciation of language similarities and differences. Our aim is to provide high school students with greater linguistic awareness and understanding, with the ability to think critically about language, and with a deeper appreciation for all aspects of language and language study.

Three Sessions

We are offering two sessions of SLIYS I and one session of SLIYS II. Those who have taken SLIYS I can choose to continue learning more about language and linguistics in SLIYS II. Students attending SLIYS from previous years may enroll directly into SLIYS II; Students attending SLIYS I 2017 can opt to continue on to SLIYS II 2017. We will accept students on a rolling basis - meaning that it is possible that SLIYS sessions will fill before the May 31st application deadline.

  • SLIYS I -  Session 1: June 25 – 30  
  • SLIYS I -  Session 2: July 9 – 14
  • SLIYS II - July 16 – 21 

Commuter or Residential option

  • Commuter tuition is $425. This includes instruction fees for materials, facilities, and a SLIYS t-shirt. Scholars will commute to and from SLIYS each day.
  • Residential tuition is $750. In addition to instruction fees (above), this includes tranportation to scheduled events, housing in OSU dorms and all meals for the week.
  • Combined program (SLIYS I and SLIYS II) cost is $850 for commuter option and $1500* for residential option. 

*Note: Scholars will not be supervised during the two days between SLIYS I and II sessions (Friday, July 14, 5pm until Sunday, July 16, 4pm), nor can the scholar reside in the dorms during this time. If scholars decide to stay between sessions, SLIYS staff is not responsible for the scholar. The scholar is responsible for procuring their own lodging for the time between sessions as well as transportation to and from OSU campus. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

See the Tuition page, for more information on fees and scholarships.


DEADLINE: May 31, 2017

SLIYS I and SLIYS II Application

This application is for those who are interested only in SLIYS I and for those who are interested in taking both SLIYS I and SLIYS II. This form cannot be saved and finished later. A parent or legal guardian must also be present to fill out some parts of the form. Please have ready concise (a few sentences) responses to the following questions:

  • Do you have any international travel experience? If so, tell us about it.
  • What other experience do you have with foreign language?
  • Share one fact you have learned about language in general or about one language in particular you find interesting.
  • Why are you interested in studying languages?

The required Teacher Recommendation Form can also be filled out online. Be sure to direct your teacher to this webpage to fill out the form before the deadline. An optional email can be sent to your teacher through the online form (requires your teacher's name and email). It shouldn't take any longer than fifteen minutes to complete the form. It is recommended that your teacher knows you well.

Only SLIYS 2 Application

This application is only for those who have already completed SLIYS I in previous years and are interested in returning. This form cannot be saved and finished later. A parent or legal guardian must also be present to fill out some parts of the form. Please have ready concise (a few sentences) responses to the following questions:

  • Please describe one instance where you used information you learned from SLIYS I.
  • Who were your SLIYS I instructors?
  • What topics do you remember covering in SLIYS I?
  • What topic(s) would you be most interested in learning about this year?

A teacher reccomendation is not required for those who are only applying to SLIYS II.




If you would like paper forms that you can mail to us *or* if you have any additional questions, please contact Dr. Julie McGory,, for more information.

SLIYS logo and slogan: Dissecting language one piece at a time.

"Every kid who had an interest in language should know about this. I met great people who share my passion. I now have a concrete understanding of what exactly linguists DO, and how they make living."

- SLIYS '14 Participant