Achaeans G



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Cultural Notes

twelve communities: Pellene, Aegeira, Aegae, Bura, Helice, Aegium, Rhypes, Patrae, Pharae, Olenus, Dyme, Tritaeae (Ionians)

Geographical Notes


Citations in Herodotos


Key Passages in English Translation


English translation by A. D. Godley. Cambridge. Harvard University Press. 1920. Retreived from <>

Key Passages in Greek


Other Testimonia

history of: Paus. 7.1.2-8, Paus. 7.6.1-Paus. 7.17.4
named after Achaeus: Paus. 7.1.7
descended from Achaeus: Apollod. 1.7.3
aboriginal inhabitants of Peloponnese: Paus. 5.1.1
dwell in Lacedaemon (Sparta) and Argos: Paus. 3.1.6, Paus. 3.13.4, Paus. 7.6.3
hold Amyclae, Pharis, and Geranthrae: Paus. 3.2.6
conquered and expelled by Dorians: Paus. 3.12.9, Paus. 3.22.6, Paus. 5.1.1, Paus. 7.1.5, 7
expel Ionians from Aegialus: Paus. 5.1.1, Paus. 7.1.7 ff.
their expulsion of Ionians from Greece: Hdt. 1.145
twelve cities: Paus. 7.6.1
at Croton,: Hdt. 8.47
the only stock which has never left the Peloponnese: Hdt. 8.73
Achaeans of Phthiotis: Hdt. 7.132, Hdt. 7.173, Hdt. 7.185-197
Achaea in the Peloponnese: Hdt. 7.94, Hdt. 8.36
leaders: Paus. 7.6.2
wars: Paus. 7.6.3-Paus. 7.16.10
in the Trojan war: Hdt. 2.120
take no part in Persian war: Paus. 7.6.3 ff.
fight at Chaeronea: Paus. 6.4.7, Paus. 7.6.5
dedicate statues of Greek heroes at Olympia: Paus. 5.25.8-10
dedicate statue of Pantarces: Paus. 6.15.2
capture Phana in Aetolia: Paus. 10.18.1-3
dedicate image of Athena at Delphi: Paus. 10.18.1
attack Locrians and Aetolians: Paus. 2.8.4
capture Sparta: Paus. 4.29.9
defeated by Cleomenes at Dyme: Paus. 2.9.1
defeat Lacedaemonians at Sellasia: Paus. 3.10.7
made best cavalrymen in Greece by Philopoemen: Paus. 8.49.7
equipment of Achaean infantry: Paus. 8.50.1
invade Messenia: Paus. 4.29.11
allies of Rome: Paus. 7.8.3
pull down walls of Sparta and abolish laws of Lycurgus: Paus. 7.8.5
exiles go to Rome: Paus. 7.9.6
over 1000 sent to Rome for trial: Paus. 7.10.10 ff.
distributed among cities of Etruria: Paus. 7.10.11
remnant of them released: Paus. 7.10.12
conquered by Mummius: Paus. 5.10.5
city of Paracypressian Achaeans Paus. 3.22.9
harbour of Achaeans in Messenia: Paus. 4.34.6

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