Greek Name: Αἰολεύς

Latin Name: Aeoli


Cultural Notes

descended from Aeolus

Geographical Notes

first Persian province

Citations in Herodotos

1.6,  1.26 their conquest by Croesus:  1.6,  1.26
resistance to Cyrus:  1.141,  1.152
their settlements in Asia:  1.149-152
in the armies of Harpagus:  1.171
part of a Persian province:  3.90
in Darius' Scythian expedition:  4.89,  4.138
reconquest by Persians:  5.122
in Ionian revolt:  6.8,  6.28
part of Xerxes' fleet:  7.95
Sestus an Aeolian town:  9.115; Thessaly originally Aeolian (often mentioned with Ionians, to denote Greek colonists in Asia):  7.176

Key Passages in English Translation


English translation by A. D. Godley. Cambridge. Harvard University Press. 1920. Retreived from <>

Key Passages in Greek


Other Testimonia

Apollod. 1.7.3
in Troad: Paus. 6.4.9
inhabit Ilium: Paus. 1.35.4, Paus. 8.12.9
their cities twelve in number: Paus. 7.5.1
found Elis: Apollod. 1.7.5;
name applied to Boeotians while they inhabited Thessaly: Paus. 10.8.4; an Aeolian of Lesbos: Paus. 10.24.1

Other Commentary

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