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Cultural Notes

intermarried with Lacedaemonians, brought women from Lemnos

Geographical Notes

from Orchomenus, had a base on Mount Taygetus

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Key Passages in English Translation


English translation by A. D. Godley. Cambridge. Harvard University Press. 1920. Retreived from <http://www.perseus.tufts.edu>

Key Passages in Greek


Other Testimonia

their Asiatic settlements: Hdt. 1.146; Paus. 7.2.3
a Boeotian people, descended from Minyas: Paus. 2.29.3, Paus. 9.36.4, 5
inhabit Teos: Paus. 7.3.6
adventures of Minyan descendents of the Argonants in Lacedaemon and the western Peloponnese: Hdt. 4.145-148
the first Battus of Cyrene a Minyan: Hdt. 4.150
at war with Thebans: Paus. 9.9.1, Paus. 9.37.2
of Orchomenus receive tribute from Thebes: Apollod. 2.4.10, Apollod. 2.4.11
are forced by Herakles to pay tribute to Thebes: Apollod. 2.4.11
go to Trojan war: Paus. 9.37.7
banished by Thebans, restored by Philip: Paus. 4.27.10
expelled from Lemnos by Pelasgians: Paus. 7.2.2
settle in Thera: Paus. 7.2.2
Minyans of Iolcus: Paus. 4.3.6

Other Commentary

Perseus Encyclopedia:

W. W. How, J. Wells, A Commentary on Herodotos: Μινύαι. The Minyans settled in Teos (Paus. vii. 3. 6), the Cadmeans (but cf. v. 61. 2 n.) in Priene (ib. vii. 2. 10) and in Colophon (ib. vii. 3. 1-3, where the oracle was connected with the daughter of Tiresias), the Dryopes in Styra (ib. iv. 34. 11), the Phocians in Phocaea (Paus. vii. 3. 10). These statements it is impossible to test; they may rest on genealogical evidence.

Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898):


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