Greek Name: φωκεύς , έως, ὁ, φωκέες; φωκίς (sc. γῆ), ίδος, ἡ,

Latin Name: Phōcenses , ium, m.; Phōcĭi , ōrum m.


Cultural Notes


Geographical Notes

residents of Phocis in central Greece

Citations in Herodotos

7.176 their fortification of Thermopylae:  7.176
contingent with Leonidas:  7.203
Phocian guard on the path Anopaea:  7.217,  7.218
Phocian feud with Thessaly:  8.27-30
Phocis overrun by Persians:  8.31-33
courage of a Phocian contingent in Mardonius' army:  9.17
Artabazus' flight to Phocis:  8.66

Key Passages in English Translation


English translation by A. D. Godley. Cambridge. Harvard University Press. 1920. Retreived from <>

Key Passages in Greek


Other Testimonia

history of the: Paus. 10.1.3-Paus. 10.3.4
their muster for the Trojan war: Apollod. E.3.11
at war with Phlegyans: Paus. 8.4.4
join Ionian emigration to Asia: Paus. 7.2.4, Paus. 7.3.10
at war with Thessalians: Paus. 10.1.3-11, Paus. 10.13.6
guard pass over Mount Oeta against Persians: Paus. 10.20.1
 ravage Locris: Paus. 3.9.9
denounce Thebans to Lacedaemonians: Paus. 3.9.10
fined by Amphictyons for cultivating sacred land: Paus. 10.2.1, Paus. 10.15.1, 7
allies of Spartans: Paus. 3.5.3, Paus. 3.10.3
allies of Athenians: Paus. 3.10.3
at war with Thebans: Paus. 3.10.3, Paus. 8.27.9
seize Delphic sanctuary: Paus. 3.10.3, Paus. 4.5.4, Paus. 8.27.9, Paus. 10.2.2 ff., Paus. 10.7.1
propose to destroy Delphi: Paus. 3.10.4
revolt from Macedonia: Paus. 1.25.4
strenuous in repelling Gauls: Paus. 10.3, 4, Paus. 10.8.3, Paus. 10.23.3, 5, 9
number of Phocians who fought Gauls at Thermopylae: Paus. 10.20.3
belong to Amphictyonic League: Paus. 10.8.2 ff.
in Sicily: Paus. 5.25.6
offerings of Phocians at Delphi: Paus. 10.13.4, 6, 7
Phocian confederacy: Paus. 6.6.2
`Phocian despair,' proverb: Paus. 10.1.7
Phocian parliament: Paus. 10.4.1, Paus. 10.5.1 ff., Paus. 10.33.1
Phocian or Sacred War: Paus. 4.28.1, Paus. 9.6.4, Paus. 10.2.1-Paus. 10.3.1
Phocian watchword: Paus. 10.1.10

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