Athenians (aborigines)



Greek Name: Ἀθηναῖος

Latin Name:


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Citations in Herodotos

1.56; Athenians the leading Ionian people:  1.56,  1.146
origin of the name "Athenian":  8.44

Key Passages in English Translation


English translation by A. D. Godley. Cambridge. Harvard University Press. 1920. Retreived from <>

Key Passages in Greek


Other Testimonia

Paus. 2.14.4
lay claim to antiquity and divine favour: Paus. 1.14.2
more pious than other people: Paus. 1.17.1, Paus. 1.24.3, Paus. 10.28.6
superior to all Greeks in mother-wit: Paus. 4.35.5
most law-abiding: Paus. 4.35.5
gods fight on their side: Paus. 8.10.9
the first to make limbless images of Hermes: Paus. 1.24.3
only Greeks who honour Mercy: Paus. 1.17.1
only people who flourished under democracy: Paus. 4.35.5
praised by Pindar: Paus. 1.8.4
at war with Eleusis: Apollod. 3.15.4, Paus. 1.31.3, Paus. 1.38.3, Paus. 2.14.2, Paus. 7.1.5, Paus. 9.9.1
battle of A. with Amazons: Paus. 1.2.1, Paus. 1.17.2, Paus. 1.25.2, Paus. 5.11.7
defend children of Herakles against Eurystheus: Apollod. 2.7.8, Paus. 1.32.6
capture Thebes and bury the Argive dead: Apollod. 3.7.1
visited with famine and pestilence, slaughter the daughters of Hyacinth: Apollod. 3.15.8
send seven youths and seven madens every year to be devoured by the Minotaur: Apollod. 3.15.8, Apollod. 3.15.8
their muster for the Trojan war: Apollod. 2.4.11
led by Iolaus to Sardinia: Paus. 1.29.5, Paus. 7.2.2, Paus. 9.23.1, Paus. 10.17.5
send Tyrtaeus to Sparta: Paus. 4.15.6
wrest Salamis from Megara: Paus. 1.40.5
their expedition to Ionia: Paus. 1.29.5
at battle of Marathon: Paus. 1.15.3, Paus. 1.29.4, Paus. 1.32.3, Paus. 4.25.5, Paus. 8.10.9, Paus. 10.20.2
at battle of Salamis: Paus. 1.36.1, Paus. 8.10.9
entrust their women and children to Troezenians in Persian war: Paus. 2.31.7
at battle of Mycale: Paus. 3.7.9
win battle of Eurymedon: Paus. 1.29.14, Paus. 10.15.4
repent of their conduct to Themistocles: Paus. 1.1.2
their expedition to Thrace: Paus. 1.29.4 ff.
send troops to aid Lacedaemonians against rebel Messenians: Paus. 1.29.8, Paus. 4.24.6
form alliance with Argos: Paus. 1.29.7-9, Paus. 4.24.7
defeated by Lacedaemonians at Tanagra: Paus. 1.29.9
give Naupactus to Messenians: Paus. 4.24.7, Paus. 4.31.7, Paus. 10.38.10
defeat Lacedaemonians at Oenoe: Paus. 10.10.4
defeated by Megarians at Nisaea: Paus. 10.15.1
make treaty with Lacedaemonians: Paus. 5.23.4
subjugate Euboea: Paus. 5.23.4
annually ravage Megarian territory: Paus. 1.40.4
expel Potidaeans: Paus. 5.23.3
victorious at Sphacteria: Paus. 1.13.5
expel Delians: Paus. 4.27.9
form alliance with Argives, Mantineans, and Eleans: Paus. 5.12.8
deceived by oracle as to Sicily: Paus. 8.11.12
warned by omens not to sail for Sicily: Paus. 10.15.5 ff.
their expedition against Syracuse: Paus. 2.22.9, Paus. 8.11.12
spare sanctuary of Zeus at Syracuse: Paus. 10.28.6
defeated at Syracuse: Paus. 1.29.11-13, Paus. 7.16.5, Paus. 10.11.5
defeated by Lysander at Ephesus: Paus. 3.17.4
defeated by Lysander at Aegospotami: Paus. 3.17.4, Paus. 4.26.2, Paus. 10.38.10
persuaded by Thrasybulus to live at unity: Paus. 1.29.3
refuse to join Asiatic expedition of Agesilaus: Paus. 3.9.2
beaten by Lacedaemonians at Corinth: Paus. 1.29.11
under Iphicrates destroy a Spartan battalion: Paus. 3.10.1
at battle of Mantinea: Paus. 1.3.4, Paus. 8.9.8-10, Paus. 8.11.5
side with Phocians in Sacred War: Paus. 3.10.3
cross into Euboea to help Plutarch: Paus. 1.36.4
humbled by Philip of Macedonia: Paus. 1.25.3
lose 1000 dead at battle of Chaeronea: Paus. 7.10.5
revolt from Macedonia: Paus. 1.25.3 ff.
lose 200 dead at Lamia: Paus. 7.10.5
defeat Plistarchus: Paus. 1.15.1
freed from tyrants by Demetrius, son of Antigonus: Paus. 1.25.6-8
expel Macedonian garrison: Paus. 1.26.1 ff.
exhausted by Macedonian war: Paus. 1.4.2, Paus. 7.11.4
fight the Gauls at Thermopylae: Paus. 1.3.5, Paus. 1.4.2 ff., Paus. 10.20.5
expel Salaminians: Paus. 1.35.2
harassed by Philip, son of Demetrius, king of Macedonia, they appeal to Rome for aid: Paus. 7.7.7
pillage Oropus and are fined: Paus. 7.11.4-8
at war with Sulla: Paus. 9.6.6
help Romans in war: Paus. 1.29.14
graves of: Paus. 1.29.3-16
Athenian tribes formerly four, afterwards ten: Paus. 1.5.1
statues of Athenian people: Paus. 1.1.3, Paus. 1.3.5
picture of Athenian people: Paus. 1.3.3
Athenian games: Paus. 8.2.1
offerings dedicated at Delphi by Athenians from spoils of war: Paus. 10.10.1 ff., Paus. 10.11.5, 6, Paus. 10.15.4, Paus. 10.19.4

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